Emotional Freedom Technique



What is it?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a highly effective and easy energy healing that you can do with your animal companion.  When we tap on these specific areas of the body we stimulate meridians and deep-seated trauma, negative, fearful feelings, and emotions, repressed or otherwise, are released from the body creating changes in the attitude, mind states, behavior, and physical ailments. I've seen aggressive behavior turn around after only 20 minutes of tapping.

What a session Includes

EFT can be done without an animal communication session. I do an emotional assessment regarding the animal's issue. Here I determine what the emotional root cause or underlying emotions are behind the behavior. This gives me an anchor or place to start. For example, if there's fear behind the behavior we might begin here. As we tap, other issues may surface pointing our tapping toward a different direction. Often the person may be contributing to the existing issue, even if the animal has only been in the home for three months. Animals are empaths and quickly pick up on the family dynamics or your personal emotions, such as one new puppy snapping at the woman in the home. After tapping on the woman, who was holding a tremendous amount of grief over the death of her former dog, the puppy's snapping stopped the next day. For this reason, tapping on both you and your animal is ideal. Behaviors such as extreme aggression or separation anxiety may require two or three sessions. I will always give you a written protocol after our initial session so you can continue the reinforcement tapping. We usually see improvement if not a complete change after the first session. No recording please..


Book EFT alone without animal communication



$ 225 first initial one-hour session 

each additional session $125 for 30 minutes

Three-session package for $375  (savings of 100)

The package includes one-hour and two 30-minute sessions


$150 initial hour session

each additional session is $108 for 30 minutes

Three-session package for $275 (savings of $91)

Animal EFT session fees above do not include a communication session.


Diana helped me untangle a very upsetting behavior issue between my two cats, in an insightful, compassionate, and effective way. She helped me discover and focus on my own issues that reflected and influenced my cats' behavior and provided a handle for resolving them, both in me and with them. The results of her work are astonishing as both the cats and I are relaxing and working towards a resolution. Lauren Alexander, Athens, Greece

Well, I definitely feel like Charlie’s energy has changed since our session! I mean, he still occasionally gets up to move if one of us pets him but we are all respectful of the fact that he just might not want to be petted in that moment. But he does seem more into pets at certain times and more affectionate! Which is awesome! So thank you!   Lara Golan, CO

She’s doing really well!! She follows me everywhere, is always on me, and seeks attention/affection from me. She’s wagging her tail too!  Once in a while, she’ll do something she shouldn’t but whatever it is, she realizes immediately that she did something bad and is much easier to correct in general. She’s coming out of her shell and trusting us more and has even started snuggling, which she never really did.  Misty Beckenbach, NYC


Nate is really doing remarkably well.  Immediately after our Zoom, I didn't notice much change in the bathroom-trip growling behavior, but he now has four nights in a row, beginning this past Saturday, in which he didn't growl at me at all. That is unprecedented. He had had a night here and there when he didn't growl at me, but never several nights in a row!  He has also maintained the other improvements we discussed; specifically, he is not awakening in his "moved" bed with growls and snarls. He has also been actually spending more time than before lying beside me and

image 2.png

even lying on my feet (new behavior) when I'm working and has not growled at me when I've moved nor when I've petted him when he is lying by my work desk. I have a generally "lighter" feeling with him and I'm really enjoying a sense of more affection from Nate. Thank you!



Nate is doing very well.  All the improvements he had made are holding solid and steady.  The newer issue we were working on--having him let me open the drawer and the closet door near his bed in my bedroom--is going quite well also.  As a refresher, this is the area where there was so much tension during Spirit's life, as I tried to help Spirit get up physically and ended up also making Nate feel threatened and unsafe in his bed.  Without any growls from Nate, I've opened the drawer and closet door 3 times over the last few weeks.  

I am so grateful for your help with Nate and am feeling so much more comfortable in my relationship with him.  Lucy Whiddon, NC