About Diana's Work  

The most important aspect of my work is bringing wholeness and healing to my clients, both humans and animals. Bringing ourselves into balance is what our animals naturally do for us. My job is to guide you along the journey. By understanding what animals are telling us through their behavior or absence, sometimes through their health or aging, we can take a look at ourselves and grow in all areas of our lives. Our animals are little mandalas bringing us back to wholeness. 

Our animal companions also need to realign themselves emotionally, mentally and physically. As an animal communicator I can give animals a voice, a chance to be heard and understood. This is the first step to healing.




thoughts and feelings, and to create a greater awareness between humans and their animal companions. Animal Communication is the groundwork that makes communication with all life possible. All we have to do is learn to listen.

My service and commitment to helping animals is both spiritual and political. Practicing ahimsa (non violence) I adhere to an organic vegan diet and vegan lifestyle.


I am honored to be of service to animals.  Listening to animals has allowed me to experience the depth of their  


Behavior Problems: 

During fifteen years as an animal communicator, Diana has found that most animals with behavior "problems" mirror their person's unconscious thoughts, repressed emotions or unresolved issues. Our animals are empaths, and will often react to or mirror our issues back to us. Listening to what our animals have to say about us, taking action and making changes in our own lives, can greatly enhance our relationship with our animals and resolve their unwanted behavior.


Diana can help you to make those psychological and spiritual shifts that our animals point out to us. Not only does Diana accomplish this by engaging in a thorough dialogue with the animal, and translating their opinions, needs, and feelings to you, but by also helping you to probe a bit deeper within yourself, and in some cases, by offering a guided meditation to facilitate the process. Diana believes that when we face those things we may be avoiding, we face our fears. As we become balanced, happy, and grow into the person we are meant to be, our animals become happy too. Diana says our animal companions are clever, complex beings capable of deep emotions and wisdom. But simply, they want us to become more present in our lives and more loving toward ourselves and others.


Being an empath and energetic healer, Diana begins every behavioral session with a psychic body scan. Diana has the ability to physically feel what the animal feels. With permission from the animal, she enters their energy field to "view" the internal organs for inflammation, infection and energetic imbalances, and also intuit energetic blockages that may contribute to the emotional root cause of the physical ailment or the behavior problem. Diana does she diagnose disease. However, the valuable information and insights she offers can be relayed to your veterinarian or may help you to choose a beneficial nutritional supplement.  


Diana specializes in cat and dog inappropriate "peeing and pooping" behaviors but has also been successful with separation anxiety, biting and aggressive behaviors, as well as other issues.  


Read more about Behavior Problems, and what a schedule includes.



Lost Animals:

Diana's help is sought internationally for locating lost and missing animals. Her findings are practical and focus primarily on description of the animal's present location. 


Diana offers other services for locating lost animals which, when combined with animal communication, can provide substantial information and help narrow your search. Dowsing and Remote Viewing are two such services that can greatly increase the success of finding your animal. People have found their missing animal's location with Diana's general dowsing (direction and distance away from where the animal went missing from). Diana's directional dowsing, in particular, has a 95% accuracy rate. Diana does not dowse maps.


Diana is also a certified Remote Viewer, for missing animals and people, and student of David Morehouse. She works with two other gifted Remote Viewers who are also of service for a minimal fee. Remote Viewing is an entirely different process than animal communication, and involves "mind traveling" to the target site (present location) to extract informational detail. Read more about Remote Viewing.


Read the FAQ to better familarize yourself with the process of searching and finding your missing animal.

Click here to read what a Lost Animal Session Includes



Death and Dying


The absence of a loving companion can also come in the form of death. Accepting our animal's passing, regardless of the external circumstances, and letting go of guilt and blame, can bring about a deep peace. DIana has seen profound transformations in people, and has seen people find new direction and purpose in their lives, as a result of their animal's death, or as a result of surrendering and being present to the process of their animal in transition


Diana offers a meditation to help people surrender and accept the process, which makes the transition easier for the animal as well. She encourages people to keep their hearts open through their grieving, so they may find the blessings that their animals leave behind for them. Diana understands that the grieving process can take a long time, but she believes that by keeping the heart open through it all supports us through our journey and allows us to see the blessings or lessons in our lives.


Diana receives much information from animals in spirit form. They often tell her how they died, what they are doing on the other side, what their purpose was in their person's life and oftentimes they will show Diana who they were in their former, past, lives with their people. Diana believes in soul contracts-agreements we make with one another before we take a body- and believes that we reincarnate with one another, taking different forms, again and again, lifetime after lifetime.  

A complimentary recording is available with the session that helps you to fully surrender, cut the "psychic cords" of attachment, be present with your loving companion, and be in a deeply relaxed and receptive state as you are guided through a telepathic communication with your animal companion. 


Read what a Schedule includes.

Dowsing - Diana uses dowsing for several purposes: emotional and physical health inquiries, supplements, and for locating lost animals.  For this, Diana provides a general geographical direction and distance away from the address where the animal went missing from.  Read Dowsing

Remote Viewing -  Diana is a Remote Viewer, and provides this service for Lost Animals. read here











  • HEALING THE HEART MEDITATION:  FOR LOST OR DYING ANIMALS                                                                                                                            

Meditation To Quiet The Mind will help you become more mindful of your thoughts and teach you how to ride them instead of being swept up with them. It will prepare the mind to hear your animals more readily by training the mind to be present. This meditation is free, when you subscribe to my e-mail list.

Read a more detailed description here.


Opening Sacred-Space Meditation  is a total body relaxation that will greatly reduce stress and allow healing energy to flow more easily through your body. It is good to listen to anytime, but especially if you have insomnia, if you are wound up, or before a healing session, which is what it was designed for. This recording begins with an Opening of Scared Space, from the Andean tradition of Peru. This Mp3 is offered free of charge with a healing session.

Healing The Heart Meditation This is an energetic clearing that will benefit both you and your companion. It is designed to help you let go of the reigns a bit when your animals are missing and not found. This meditation helps with the surrendering and grieving process, and allows you to trust and accept the process of life when you are ready. It will also help you when your animals have passed on, or when your animals are nearing their transitions, because it brings calmness, acceptance and a renewed strength that will support you in letting go, which in turn brings calmness to the animal and helps him or her to pass over more peacefully.


This energetic clearing meditation is especially beneficial for those missing animals who are nearby but choose not to come home. By clearing out stuck energy and uplifting the mind to a creative, positive state, this meditation can "open a space" for them to return. The meditation ends with an exercise for you to telepathically connect with your animal.

There is a small fee for this meditation, since it is optional.



Overview of Diana's Services

Healing for Animals and Humans

Diana is a Reiki Master, certified Quantum Touch practitioner, energy healer, and also incorporates Shaman work, as learned from the Andean tradition of Peru. Diana incorporates several healing modalities during a session, depending on the emotional or physical issue on hand. During deep, meditative states images may also arise that might point to the underlying cause of the present issue.


For humans Diana incorporates sound (gongs and bells), and aromatherapy to take you into a deep, relaxed state. When we are fully relaxed, in the state of surrender, love and acceptance, and in-tune with our bodies, healing can begin on multiple levels.

For distance healing for humans Diana provides a complimentary, healing audio recording for you to listen to (and keep to listen to afterwards) that will help to fully relax the body in preparation for Diana's remote healing.  During the recording, you will learn to fill your body with light and send this light to specific areas, and also send this light outward to others, as you slip into a deep relaxation. This recording can also be used for animals, as you lie with them and participate, while Diana sends healing.