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A Seven-Week Online Retreat

January 1, 2023

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“In this inspiring Oracle Deck, Diana has created a transformative tool for self-inquiry. Combining teachings from the loving spirit-wisdom of animals and powerful meditations, this uplifting deck will serve you as a guide along a genuine path of self-discovery”.

DON JOSE RUIS, author of The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery


“Diana Delmonte has created a unique deck of wisdom cards blending messages from spirit animals with the principles and practice of Kundalini Yoga. With this creative combination, you'll find guidance and inspiration that will support you on your spiritual path”.STEVEN FARMER P.hD., author of Animal Spirit Guides and Earth Magic 

About the Spirit Wisdom Deck

The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle deck was created out of love and gratitude for animals, including farm animals whose lives are overlooked and undervalued. Also included in the deck are our insect, reptile, avian, and aquatic brothers and sisters.


The messages from the Spirit Animals are universal and speak to the heart. At the heart center, there is only one universal truth, one Being, one Divine spark. The recognition of this is the truth of who and what we are. Through the natural awareness, mystery, and magical presence of our animal brothers and sisters we return once again to this familiar place of truth and inner wisdom. 

The Wisdom Cards aspire to overcome and clear away the inconsistencies of our fluctuating personal opinions, ideas, projections, judgments, and negativities that cloud our clear sight, shape our reality, and create confusion and suffering in our lives. Animals help us to return to the Source. They help us to reconnect, to realize, and navigate from a higher vibration and presence, as they do, absent of the ego-mind.


Kundalini Yoga, as Taught by Yogi Bhajan®, is a powerful practice that rapidly cuts through the muck, removes obstacles, and brings clarity.

The Kundalini Yoga Meditations will raise our consciousness and our vibration and create harmony and greater awareness within our body and mind.

You may find benefit from the wisdom cards alone as they provide insights and reminders that help to jog the mind. However, the corresponding meditation to the wisdom will help you to transcend the influence of the mind.


Practicing the meditations allows the wisdom teachings to be absorbed deeply, so the experience stays with you and penetrates on a cellular level, helping you to clear out blockages faster and rise above your present situation more quickly. In this balance, we cultivate a neutral mind and master our thoughts and emotions to ride the ups and downs.

62 Card Deck and 291 Page Guidebook


Using animal communication while creating these cards, I “sat” with each animal to feel their Divine essence and their spiritual contribution to humankind. I have intuited and interpreted what I sensed to be the collective message and insight of the individual species. For some animals, I also learned about their specific behaviors and environments to get a better sense of how they navigate in their physical bodies and relate to their physical world.

Every species is magnificent!

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to read a sample of her Spirit Wisdom and the corresponding Kundalini Yoga meditation
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