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General Communication, Behavior Issues, End of Life, Animals in Spirit 

$180––General Communication

$125––Each additional animal in the same family 

$ 250––Behavior Problems 

$180––End of Life and Animals in Spirit

$  25––MP3 recording for Animals in Spirit session

$  50––House Visits- within one-hour round trip.






$ 75   Healing For Animals    

$150 Three Consecutive Healing Package 

$ 35   Half Price Healing rate for animals with a communication session

$130  Body scan with an emotional assessment without a communication session

$108  Healing for Humans      

$ 260 Three Consecutive Healing Package


*Visit Healing for Humans page to send a payment for healing for yourself




Animal Communication and Healing

Diana will not be available from

December 24th,  2021 through January 10, 2022


New Service:

Lost Animal session with two communicators: Diana and Elaine DeCarlo
read a testimonial of our combo work  HERE




$134   ONE Communication plus 2 Dowsings for direction and distance, plus an emotional assessment*             (*read what this is), a body scan for injuries, also includes a brief description of the location.

           $125 when paid via Venmo or Zelle 


$ 90  First Follow-up Session, within two weeks of the session.

$ 50  Second Follow-up Session

$140   Remote Viewing with dowsing  *recommended when animals have been missing for months

$ 264   NEW SERVICE: Two Communicators, Diana and Elaine, will provide two sessions each plus               dowsings. Elaine dowses maps.

$254 if paid through Zelle or Venmo


Emergency  Consultations:  Add $50

NA  Saturday, Sunday, Monday

NOTE:  Diana does not dowse maps (yet). Dowsing direction and distance is general, not specific, and can help to direct you to a general area to post signs. Dowsing may be more specific if the distance is in close proximity to where the animal went missing from.



New Offerings

Meditation for Connection.jpg

   One on One Coaching/Troubleshooting With Diana     $150  hr.                                                                                               $ 80  1/2 hr

   Group Coaching  90 minutes  (4 people minimum)      $ 40 

   One-Card Spirit Animal Oracle Reading with Chakra Diagnosis    $25 

   Three-Card Spread for past, present,future with Chakra Diagnosis  $75