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General Communication, Behavior Issues, End of Life, Animals in Spirit 

$180––General Communication

$125––Each additional animal in the same family 

$ 250––Behavior Problems 

$180––End of Life and Animals in Spirit

$  25––MP3 recording for Animals in Spirit session

$  50––House Visits- within one-hour round trip.






$ 75   Healing For Animals    

$150 Three Consecutive Healing Package 

$ 35   Half Price Healing rate for animals with a communication session

$130  Body scan with an emotional assessment without a communication session

$108  Healing for Humans      

$ 260 Three Consecutive Healing Package


*Visit Healing for Humans page to send a payment for healing for yourself




Animal Communication and Healing

New Offerings

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   One on One Coaching/Troubleshooting With Diana     $150  hr.                                                                                               $ 80  1/2 hr

   Group Coaching  90 minutes  (4 people minimum)      $ 40 

   One-Card Spirit Animal Oracle Reading with Chakra Diagnosis    $25 

   Three-Card Spread for past, present,future with Chakra Diagnosis  $75 

New Service:

Lost Animal session with two communicators: Diana and Elaine DeCarlo
read a testimonial of our combo work  HERE




$134   ONE Communication plus 2 Dowsings for direction and distance, plus an emotional assessment*             (*read what this is), a body scan for injuries, also includes a brief description of the location.

           $125 when paid via Venmo or Zelle 


$ 90  First Follow-up Session, within two weeks of the session.

$ 50  Second Follow-up Session

$140   Remote Viewing with dowsing  *recommended when animals have been missing for months

$ 254   NEW SERVICE: Two Communicators, Diana and Elaine, will provide two sessions each plus               dowsings. Elaine dowses maps.


Emergency  Consultations:  Add $50

NA Sunday and Monday

NOTE:  Diana does not dowse maps (yet). Dowsing direction and distance is general, not specific, and can help to direct you to a general area to post signs. Dowsing may be more specific if the distance is in close proximity to where the animal went missing from.