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This advanced workshop is for anyone who has had basic training Level-1 and wants to deepen their practice and learn how to resolve animal behavior problems.

What You'll Learn-- all my secrets

  • We'll dive right into behavior problems; the different types, methods in which to resolve, identify, and approach a behavorial problem.


  • How to identify mirrors, red flags for targeting pee issues, and much more.

  • How and when to dig deeper and peel the layers; why an animal's behavior may not change immediately;

  • How to ground and clear yourself before and after a session. 

  • How to find the emotional causes behind any behavior problem, whether due to past trauma,  conflicts in the household, fear, etc., and how you may be unconsciously exasperating any pre-existing or present behavior.

  • Swap photos and work with partners.

  • Group practice problem-solving with one animal.

  • We'll have a chance to work with a "live" animal guest.

  • There will be time to address any issues that you may be encountering in your practice.

  • We'll incorporate some fun: finding your power animal, anda reading from my Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle. 

  • Communicate with animals in Spirit. We'll end with an October ceremony for the departed.

  • Includes 1-hour one-on-one, or 90-minute group, follow-up coaching with me for a limited time.

  • Also includes my 60-page e-book companion: Why You Should Listen When Your Animals Don't; How Your Animal's Behavior and Health Mirror Who You Are

why should listen ebook mock up copy.png
why should listen ebook mock up copy.png
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