Behavior Problems 

By climbing up into his head and shutting out every voice, but his own, "civilized man" has gone deaf.

            Ursula K. LeGuin,                         Buffalo Gal

Animals stay happy and healthier when their feelings and thoughts are expressed and understood. The reason for odd, aggressive or destructive behavior can be emotional or physical. An animal’s behavior may also be a reflection of your own unresolved issues and emotional imbalances. Sometimes, it is their own issue. 



If the behavior problem is emotional you will usually see an immediate change in your animal after a communication session. Sometimes you’ll feel the healing energy of the communication or notice your animal totally relax during the session, even if the session is done long distance, and even though you may not know when I am doing the session.


Most urination and pooping issues are emotional in nature, but not always.The location the animals choose to leave their eliminations is relevant to the issue.


Does your companion have an issue with you?  Or is the inappropriate soiling a reaction to a disturbance or conflict in the house? Is the animal trying to tell you that they are sick? An animal may be trying to convey something to you that you are not hearing. Frustration can also arise when an animal is sad, angry or scared. Sometimes an animal may simply need to know what is going on and is desperately trying to get your attention. Separation anxiety issues can also have multiple causes. Each animal and every case is unique. 



Sometimes the reason for an animal soiling the house, or becoming aggressive or destructive, is physical in nature. One cat pooped in the house in two locations that her person frequented mostly: the entrances to the closet and to the computer room. It turned out the cat's blood sugar levels were soaring. She was so sick and desperately trying to inform her person. Animals are smart. This cat knew that if she used her litter box, her person never would have noticed anything was wrong. 



I have found that 90% of behavior problems have to do with the animal's person. When the person changes, the animal's behavior changes. Our animals will reflect our unresolved issues, repressed emotions, those things we are not speaking out about. Animals also react to our thoughts, and to when we are not mindful of our thoughts. One dog, for example, had stopped playing in the park becasue she picked up on the sadness and depression of her person. Being a natural empath, the dog chose instead to sit by her person's side at the park and sacraficing her play time.

Dogs may pull on the leash, become aggressive with other dogs or refuse to walk or ride in the car when they feel or react to something going on with you. The reasons are many, and I have written a book specifically about the subject. If you are interested in learning more about animal behavior, read my book, Why You Should Listen When Your Animals Don't, How Your Animal's Behavior and Health Mirror Who You Are.



A complete session may take up to two or three hours. This is spread out into three communications. I don't put a time limit on each session, although one session usually lasts about an hour.

My sessions are comprised of three layers or approaches.



This consists of:


  • A General Reading, where I do an emotional assessment to establish the underlying emotional cause of the animal’s behavior or physical health condition. 

  •  A Psychic Body Scan to feel what the animal is feeling, and to view the internal organs. I do not diagnose illnesses. I can only tell you what I feel and interpret in the animal’s body.           

  • Communication. I address the behavior problem with your animal, and listen to your companion telepathically to hear her/his viewpoint. I ask your animal any questions you may have. I ask the animal what he wants to share with you or what he wants you to know, how he feels about the other family members, both two and four legged. 



  • Feedback and Validation:  I speak to you on the phone or email you about my findings, and ask you to clarify what the animal has shared about his/her viewpoint, his/her feelings about family members and additional animals in the family. 


THIRD LAYER:  Resolving The Problem:

  • After I receive this information and feedback from you, I talk to the animal one final time, relaying to the animal what I have learned from you. I then set out to resolve the behavior. Most animals are willing to cooperate.

  • After the session is over, I ask you to inform me of improvement. If the animal's behavior is a reflection of you, you will need to carry through with the necessary changes you may need to make. 

  • One follow up, if needed, is included in the fee, WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS. Thereafter, there are additional charges for my time. Often, a problem is immediately resolved, however, sometimes, as with dog training, additional follow-ups may be needed to bring about the desired results. The need for additional follow-ups can depend upon how deep-rooted the issue is, how willing you are to make the changes in your life that your animal has pointed out, how open you are to his/her opinions etc. Often an animal' behavior will change when we simply acknowledge and honor the animal's feelings, but other times, as in dog training, additional sessions may be needed.

  • HEALING can be requested, and done both remotely or in-person. (Additional travel fee.)                                                              

Healing is beneficial for both emotional and physical imbalances and dis-eases, for clearing and aligning the chakras and to bring about deep peace in both you and the animal.  It's also beneficial for animals nearing transition. 

A complimentary healing for balancing and clearing is included in the communication session, if needed.

For specific health related concerns, or deeper emotional issues or trauma, a healing is 1/2 price with a communication session. There is a fee, thereafter, for additional healings.   


Multiple sessions are recommended for chronic or deep rooted emotional issues or trauma, and can be  purchased as a package at a discounted rate. 

See Healing for Animals, under Services, to learn more, and for testimonials.