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Journal Guide, Kundalini Kriya Handbook, and Chakra Stones Meditation Book for All Sessions


Download your Journal Guide and Kundalini Kriya Handbook to use with each session. The guide provides prompts and insightful questions for self inquiry. Journaling is an important step for you to track your progress; to notice your present state of mind, emotions, feelings, and attitude, and record the positive shifts you make. It's natural to fall off the horse, and as Buddhist traditions state, simply get back on the horse and begin again. You'll also need to download the Kundalini Kriyas so you can easily follow along, and refer to later, with the Kundalini breath work (pranayama) and meditations that I'll be guiding you through. The diagrams in the book help to clarify the hand gestures (mudras) and body postures. The third booklet, Chakra Stones Meditations, is your visual guide you can refer to for the Evening Practice with Spirit Animals, Kundalini, and Chakra work and meditations.

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