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DAY 1 Understanding the Groundwork

What is Animal Communication and how does it work? Learn why YOU have the ability. Explore the primary ways we receive and send information to animals, and what blocks that. Understand how telepathy is as natural as breathing. Practice fun exercises to bring you into presence, enhance your awareness, and help you see from the animal's eyes.


DAY 2 Introducing the Clairs:

Explore the different ways we naturally receive information; visual (clairvoyance), auditory (clairaudience), feelings (clairsentience), or just knowing (claircognizance). Discover which one comes more easily for you. Learn how we unconsciously use all of these in our everyday interactions. Practice exercises to embody these mental and physical sensations.


DAY 3 Sending and Receiving Thoughts

How do we receive and send information to animals using the four Clairs? Learn how to quiet the mind and how to make a psychic connection with the animal. Meditations to find your still-spot to match the animal's frequency. Q & A, and lots more fun!

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