Death and Dying

photo credit: LUCY SNOWE    www.lucysnowephotography.com


"Your session with Morgan helped me with the decision about assisting him. I knew what needed to be done, but communicating with him through you gave me peace of mind, and although it was no means easy it was at least more tolerable." 

                                                                                                                   Blessings, Tere Marquez


Your reading confirmed what I knew in my heart; that Teddy resides in those moments of stillness and beauty, in my own heart. When I myself am still and can feel Teddy’s presence. I felt that you zeroed in on Teddy’s essence; when

he wasn’t meowing in a strident manner, as he aged and had many complaints. That he was very centered, calm, kind of a rolly polly cat with great magnetic soulful eyes. He had a regal bearing. Thank you for your listening and compassion. 

                  Gloria Hacker, Las Cruces, New Mexico



Dexter’s insight into our beloved cat Dante, 17 years, allowed us to be here embracing him as he took his last breath. Dante told Dexter that he wanted no more needles, pills or Vet visits. That he would stop eating and call out to us when he was ready to go. We can not tell you how much Dexter helped us. We were in such despair. Exactly as she had said, Dante cried a loud meow, beckoning us to his side, and we held him next to our hearts as he left us. 

                                                                         Sally Marr and Peter Dudar, West Hollywood, CA


What you did for me and Blaze was invaluable. You made the pain of letting her go just a little easier. Of course I'm in deep pain now but I know that time heals all, and she is probably with me right now. I was amazed at how calm and peaceful she was when you climbed in the truck with her. You have an amazing connection with our little creatures. They respond to you with love. You must continue your work. It’s important for all of us that you are here doing what you do.         

                            Jacquie Dreager, Los Angeles,CA



Thank you so very much for communicating with Ninou and letting me know what he feels. This has been very very helpful to me and I cannot thank you enough. Ninou has been giving me tremendous love these days - cuddling at every occasion and purring soon as he feels my hand on him. It is true that my ‘duties’ always come first, and I have always come last in my own priorities. I thank Ninou for reminding me of what is important, and I thank you for imparting his message. I will miss him tremendously, but I have been working on myself for a while on letting go. Intellectually I am fine, but at times my heart does not want to accept it. 

                                Peace and love. Yatrika Shah-Rais, Los Angeles



Thank you so much for everything. Having you has made the process of grieving more peaceful. I will always miss and love my boys...and I do feel them here. Thank you for validating that. 

                                                                                                      Lisa Zupan, Los Angeles, CA


My cat Fred was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was always stressed out and worried about what to do for him. I’ll never forget that day on the upstairs deck when Dexter talked to Fred. She told me everything he was saying. It felt so real. I knew it, because it sounded just like him. That day Dexter came over was the day I stopped worrying. It makes such a difference when you find someone who makes you really feel better. And she knew so much nutritionally, but most important from the cat’s point of view, which is what matters. Dexter knows more than the Vet! 

                                            Judy Parise, West Hollywood, CA





Lena wanted to know if her eleven year old German shepherd, Lupa, was O.K., and if she was with her siblings, Natashia, Teddy and Cleepa, who had died before her. I asked Lupa what it was like on the other side. Lupa showed me what looked like a beach. She said it was sunny and bright. She showed me roses and I smelled their sweet fragrance. Lupa didn’t understand why her person Lena was crying. She said that she had been ready to go, and that she was still now at Lena’s side. I expected Lupa to tell me that she was happily united with her siblings. However, Lupa surprised me saying that she had seen her siblings, but was not with them! Lupa said she was on another level, care taking. Taking care of what? I asked. Lupa showed me a picture of herself herding sheep! I felt silly relating all this to Lena.  But Lena cried when i told her. She and her husband routinely took their dog Lupa to a pasture to herd sheep. It was one of Lupa’s favorite pastimes, as well as running on the beach.

Death-a spiritual teacher


I found your website today while searching for some comfort as I lost one of my animals 2 days ago.  He is dead, hit by a car. I have many animals and have had many all my life. This one is perhaps one of the most special I have ever known.  This cat seemed to love me so deeply - he was a joy and a comfort. 

Thank you for writing me and offering your insights and comforts. I have calmed down some and accepted that he is gone. I guess it will always bring a lump into my throat when I think, write, or say that.

With that said, his passing had brought me to you. Your words have pointed me to a mirror. I guess what I was asking you to tell me (whether you felt it or not) is something I 

already know in my heart. Thomas found us (through my daughter who came in with him wrapped around her neck) and my feeling is he will find us again.

I release him to do his work, be it on me or someone else. I do hope he will return, his presence is one of pure love. Thank you so very much - and I guess I am thanking the cat and the driver too - for bringing my attention around.  I have much to do and many things to find solutions for or to eliminate from my life. Your contacting me has reminded me that I have a spiritual history that needs to resurface.

You are a blessing Dexter, you are such a help to so many. May you always be surrounded by love and light. Thank you for your healing words.                                                                                            Lisa Fredrickson, Naples, NY