Death & Dying



There are some things we don’t want to think about. Eventually, our animals leave us. Some leave tragically, some slowly, some unexpectedly. Some leave home, never to return. Yet no matter how our companions choose to make their exits, when they leave, our lives are changed forever. 

The truth is they never really leave us. No one dies. At least this is what I know in my heart, after two of my cats and my mother returned in dreams two months after their passing. These were not ordinary dreams, but ones that touched me in an unforgettable way. 

Many of us know this and have had messages or signs from our loved ones after they pass. But this doesn't make the dying process, or the sudden death of our companions, any easier. When we are fortunate to have time to prepare, we still need to face the same questions:


  • Is my animal ready?  

  • Do my animals want assistance, or do they prefer to leave on their own?


Sometimes an animal may appear ready, but may want a bit more time until they know you will be all right and are truly ready to let them go. Our animals will hang on, for us, and wait for us to give them permission to die. And to say it like we mean it. 






Tell me about the passing of life, 

its thin door which is as fragile as life itself.
I can hear the music on the other side, 

and the shadows of bird flight

move under the door frame
with the tinkle of wind chimes.
Tell me about how life passes into life, 

hope into beginnings.
There is no reward for having lived
and there is no rest.
There is only continuity and re-emerging
from room to room and the love
that perfumes this place and the next.

                                                    Lisa Marguerite Mora


Often, they need just another week or two. And within this time, the person is able to find closure and peace. Our animals want us to be happy. They don't want their deaths to destroy our lives.  


I offer a meditation, Healing The Heart, that will help you to surrender and accept the dying process. It will also help your animal companion to let go peacefully.  It concludes with a telepatic exercise allowing you to connect with your animal in a relaxed state.

Read about it below.

Always, there are blessings behind every situation, waiting to reveal themselves when we are in a state of receptivity. We can turn our lives around and find ourselves on an entire new journey after a loved one passes. Or we can hold on and become depressed and stuck. I have received touching feedback from clients who have remained open to their pain and, through their wounded, softened hearts, have found creative, meaningful new beginnings. They discovered inner gifts, they believe, which were meant for them to find or follow, and which were revealed after their animal's passing-especially when the death had been tragic or sudden.


I became serious about communicating with animals professionally, authoring two books and taking my healing more seriously, as a result of two particular deaths: Ku Ku, my cat, inspired my first book, Ku Ku Zen - a book that could never have been written without him. The death of Bootsie, another cat, encouraged me to take my healing practice public. 


There are no coincidences or accidents in the universe. In death or in life.  Look for the blessings. And trust the process of life.


Healing The Heart Meditation This is an energetic clearing that will benefit both you and your companion. This meditation helps with the surrendering and grieving process, and allows you to trust and accept the process of life when you are ready. It will help you when your animals have passed on, or when your animals are nearing their transitions, because it brings calmness, acceptance and a renewed strength that will support you in letting go, which in turn brings calmness to the animal and helps him or her to pass over more peacefully. The meditation ends with an exercise for you to telepathically connect with your animal.


This energetic clearing meditation is also beneficial for those missing animals who are nearby but choose not to come home. By clearing out stuck energy and uplifting the mind to a creative, positive state, this meditation can "open a space" for them to return. 



photo credit: Lucy Snowe



For Animals Who Are Dying:


  • A General Reading, where I do an assessment to see how the animal is feeling emotionally.

  •  A Body Scan to feel what the animal is feeling. I do not diagnose. I can only tell you what I feel and interpret in the animal’s body.                

  • Communication. I talk to your companion telepathically and ask any questions you may have. I ask the animal what he or she wants to share with you or what they want you to know.

  • Healing is included in communication sessions for animals who are nearing their transitions. See Healing for Animals, to read about the benefits of healing for anim who are aging or nearing their death.


For Animals In Spirit  you may ask any questions you would like.