End of Life
Animals in Spirit

Tell me about the passing of life, 

its thin door which is as fragile as life itself.
I can hear the music on the other side, 

and the shadows of bird flight

move under the door frame
with the tinkle of wind chimes.
Tell me about how life passes into life, 

hope into beginnings.
There is no reward for having lived
and there is no rest.
There is only continuity and re-emerging
from room to room and the love
that perfumes this place and the next.

                                                    Lisa Marguerite Mora



photo credit: Lucy Snowe 


Working with animals at their end of life, Diana has helped animals to pass peacefully when they are ready and has helped their people to let go, find closure, and to look for the blessings. Diana has seen profound transformations in people as they find new direction and purpose in their lives, as a result of their animal's death, or as a result of surrendering and being present to the process of their animal in transition.


Diana offers a meditation to help people surrender and accept the process, which makes the transition easier for the animal as well. The grieving process can take a long time, but an open heart supports us through our journey and allows us to see the blessings or lessons in our lives. After all, this is the gift our animals give us.







  • A General Reading, where Diana sees how the animal is feeling emotionally.

  •  A Body Scan to feel what the animal is feeling physically. Diana does not diagnose. She can only tell you what she feels and interprets in the animal’s body.                

  • Communication: Diana talks to your companion telepathically and asks any questions you may have––up to 8 questions. I ask the animal what he or she wants to share with you or what they want you to know.

  • I ask the animal if he or she is ready to go, and if they want assistance.

  • Healing is included in communication sessions for animals who are nearing their transition. See Healing for Animals, to read about the benefits of energy healing for an animal nearing death.

  • Meditation (optional): Diana will guide you through a letting go "cutting the psychic cord" meditation so that your companion can leave when he or she is ready, and not hang on suffering. It also helps you to fully surrender, to be present with your loving companion, and to be in a deeply relaxed, receptive state allowing you to engage telepathically with your animal companion.


STEP ONE: After sending payment confirmation, or contacting Diana through her website, Diana

will provide her personal email address.

STEP TWO:  Send your animal companion's Photo with the list below

In THE SAME EMAIL, send your info in a vertical list, as below, to Diana's email address

  • Age and Gender

  • Do Not Mention what the ailment is until after the body scan

  • Names, and your relationship with, others living in the household, as your animal friend may have things to say to each member.

  • Your Phone Number

  • Your Questions 



Diana receives much information from animals in spirit form. They often tell her how they felt when they died, what they are doing "on the other side", what their purpose was in their person's life. Sometimes they will show Diana their relationship with their person in a past life. 

Accepting our animal's passing, regardless of the external circumstances, letting go of guilt and blame, and finding the blessings that our animals have left behind for us can open our hearts again, bring presence into our lives and deep peace.


STEP ONE: After sending payment confirmation, or contacting Diana through her website, Diana

will provide her personal email address.

STEP TWO:  Send your animal companion's Photo with the list below

In a numbered vertical list, as below, send to Diana's email address:

  • Age

  • When Passed

  • Your Phone Number

  • Your Questions


You may ask five questions in addition to my usual questions:

1. What was your purpose in your person's life?

2.  Can you tell me what you are doing now?

3. Who helped you cross over?

4. Can you show me who you're with now?

5. What was your relationship with your person in past lives?  (Diana may or may not receive a glimpse).

6. What do you want your person to know?