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Free One-Card Reading

Whenever you need guidance, choose a number (card) from 1 to 62.

Be sure to quiet your mind first. Imagine the Oracle Cards in front of you, bring your focus to your chest, and take a few deep breaths before choosing your number. 

Remember, the cards are not meant to provide concrete answers or give advice, but rather to spark self-inquiry and reflection, and provide a path to balance and clarity through understanding and observation of the mind. They may help you with the mental shift needed to revisit your issue with a new perspective.  So do some soul searching! Know that you are aligned with your Spirit Animal for your highest good.

How to Receive your Free Spirit Animal Wisdom card...


1. Email the number you've chosen to Diana, with "Spirit Wisdom" in the subject line.


2. Diana will email your Spirit Animal's wisdom to you, along with the corresponding Yoga meditation.


Please allow 48 hours response time.


Deepen Your Insight With Healing...

After you choose your card, you can schedule a reading with Diana for a personalized assessment to determine the emotional root cause behind the physical or mental issue you've sought guidance for.

In addition, energy healing (remote or in-person) is available for balance and clearing. Diana will also choose an additional Kundalini meditation for you to practice that targets the specific unbalanced chakras (root cause or block that is prominent).  Go to Book a Session to see rates and options; Emotional Assessments and Healings.

Spirit Wisdom Oracle Card Readings are now available. See Videos for a Card Reading sample


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