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Hover at the heart center. Be in that moment, and delight in the pure joy 

of being alive. Happiness is appreciation––Hummingbird Spirit Wisdom


Here are some grounding/connecting techniques you can practice in nature, or anywhere outdoors, even in the city. Especially wonderful for children to nurture sensitivity and self-awareness. 

1. Get to know the birds and animals in your back yard. Notice what they eat and where they hang out. Build your relationship with them. 

2. Practice walking meditation by focusing on each step and paying attention to your breath. You can coordinate exhales with a step, or simply breathe and walk slowly.

3. Focus your attention softly ahead of you and anchor your vision on a single point. Allow your eyes to go soft into peripheral vision, and notice without moving your eyes, what you can see in all directions for 180 degrees. 

4. Sight: Notice the twigs, pebbles, and leaves you're stepping over. Notice the insects crossing your path and what animals show up along the way.

5. Notice the patterns of light and shade upon the ground and on the leaves and trees or buildings. Notice shadows. Notice the colors around you. See how the colors change from the early morning, mid-afternoon, and sunset. Colors are most vibrant on a cloudy day. Don't forget to look at the clouds. Watch the leaves and branches moving in the wind.

6. Sound: Incorporate the sounds in the environment as you walk, including planes flying overhead or construction in the distance. Listen to the sounds of your feet taking each step; the twigs and leaves crunching beneath your feet. Hear the wind, breeze, or rain. Listen to the birds, and buzzing of insects


7. Smell: Be aware of the fragrances you smell along your walk. Go up to trees and smell the bark. After rain, smells are more prominent. 

8. Focus on one sense at a time; walking for five minutes just noticing sounds; then spend five minutes just noticing smells etc.

9. Finally, engage all your senses simultaneously. Become fully alive in your body.


These are just some things to heighten our sensitivity. By doing this practice of coming into the body, we become fully aware of our senses, integrate within ourselves and the environment, merge as one. We naturally feel more relaxed and balanced when we're relieved from our mind chatter. Meditation and yoga will birth forth the same results. Welcome your journey within.

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