Healing for Animals 

  Energetic healing creates a communion 

with spirit, mind and body that

resonates with the life-force

energy, allowing the body

to heal itself.

Energy healing always treats the whole body; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Testimonials listed below demonstrate the many benefits of healing.

Physical Healing


“Thanks to you Cheuy is alive. The Vet had said

 he was in pain and gave him morphine! Cheuy 

did not improve. He did not eat for two days. 

I told the Vet that you said it was his stomach, 

and that Chewy felt extremely nauseous. They 

gave him fluids, did a blood test and gave him 

anti-nausea medication. He went home and ate 

and drank. They never found out what was wrong with him, but he is getting better every day.  You saved his life!“

                                 Lila Henry, Boise, Idaho


My cat Katie has kidney disease. Since Dexter has been working with her she is less depressed. Her health is stable, and she is more affectionate, more active and climbing around more than she has in quite a while. I appreciate every moment that I have with her. She is a treasure, and Dexter’s working with her has helped her health. Thank you for all you do for Katie and myself. 

You are a blessing to many people. You have a gift.

                                                                      Diane Carson Huff, Azuza, CA


My dog Stella has been doing better. You've helped her a lot, as she is pottering around the living room more. 

Thank you! You are really such a wonderful healer. 

God bless you.

                                     Jane Hepburn, Los Angeles


My dog Bella couldn't walk. The Vets said she 

may have slipped or ruptured a disc in her spine. 

They put her on pain medication, muscle relaxants and steroids. After a very powerful and healing morning with Dexter, there was a 360% turn around with Bella. She is walking and looking more herself again. I stopped the pain meds, and am cutting the muscle relaxants in half. She now has clarity in her eyes.

                                     Elaine Tse, Camarillo, CA

Emotional Healing



Lucky was howling and having nightmares at least once a week. Not spayed, Lucky was also having a pseudo-pregnancy. Her person, Jennifer, explained that Lucky had taken several of her stuffed toys, placed them on the bed, and would not let anyone near them. She sat on them every night. Her teats were even filling with milk. When I visited Lucky, she seemed very depressed. After the healing session, Jennifer wrote: “It was so wonderful to meet you and to have you in our home. Lucky is doing very well and no more nightmares thanks to you. After you left, Lucky's pseudo-pregnancy disappeared. She seems happier. We look forward to seeing you again!“

                                                              Jennifer Oh, West Los Angeles


Spiritual Healing - and the power of distant healing


I knew that animals were highly receptive to healing energy, yet I was stunned at the profound affect it had on Louise, a five month old feral kitten I took in from the streets of South Los Angeles. Louise hid, hissed, scratched, bit and went berserk if I approached her. No one wants to live with a wild animal. Unfortunately, Louise had no where else to go.                                                           

Soon Louise became sick with upper respiratory disease. Her eyes and nose were dripping. She was lethargic, sneezing, coughing and could barely breathe with severe congestion. I immediately began sending healing energy to her from another room. 

I ran energy two to three times a day. The first day Louise stopped sneezing. The second day she stopped coughing. By the third day she was playing, but was still congested. Every time I ran energy, she started to breathe normally.


However, it was this that amazed me...Every time I sent energy to Louise, she came over to me, nuzzling my hair, knocked my face and gently caressed my hands. She purred, pushed against my chest, cuddled in my lap and stayed for the duration of the healing. Each time I began a healing, Louise jumped on my lap and became an affectionate, tame, gentle being.


Now healthy, she keeps her distance again, although she now lets me pet her sometimes. Although Louise will always be wild at heart, she demonstrated love and gratitude, and showed me that healing energy can work miracles.

Dying Animals

Healing Energy can facilitate the dying process, make the animal more relaxed,

alleviate pain, increase appetite and sometimes cause the animal to stay around a bit longer.


Ciaran was dying of cancer. He stopped eating and hadn’t walked in four days. His people called me to talk to him before they put him down. He told me he missed his green ball, which his people, thinking that Ciaran was too weak to play, had taken away. An hour after the first healing, Ciaran wagged his tail and stood up.  Ciaran walked outside. His person threw his green ball, and he chased and played. 

He ate and ran like a puppy for the next six weeks. 


Ciaran passed peacefully in his sleep.

Body Scans or Internal Viewing


Jane would be caring for Murray when his person was away. 

The problem was that Murray wouldn't let anyone in his house. He lunged at people, and sometimes attacked his own person, because he was so afraid. I asked Murray how he felt when others entered his home. I felt a suffocating feeling, as if Murray could not breathe. His throat and heart chakra were 

completely closed. He felt vulnerable and terrified, and went into panic mode. I did a healing for Murray. Jane said the next morning Murray allowed her to enter. She was able to walk past Murray four times, and do what she needed to, as Murray sat in his window seat, just a few yards away watching Jane, as I had asked him to.


Teaser’s belly kept filling with fluid. Multiple tests were taken. The vet ruled out heart problems and cancer. I felt nausea, headache and burning sensation in Teaser’s midriff area. When I scanned the organs I picked up liver or pancreas. 

Teaser saw another vet, who finally diagnosed him with liver cancer.


Diana is a Reiki Master/teacher, certified Quantum Touch practitioner, Remote Viewer and spiritual healer, initiated in the Andean Shaman Tradition of Peru. Practicing Tibetan, Vipassana and Zen Buddhist meditation for several years, Diana took lay ordination 1991 at the Kanzeonji Zen Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles, and she took Bodhisattva Vows in the Tibetan tradition at the Kadampa Meditation Center in Los Angeles. Diana apprenticed and worked with Jude Unegbu, West African healer and Shaman at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore and the Aetherius Society in Hollywood, where she donates her services once a week.