Healing for Animals

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Energy, or spiritual healing, naturally treats the whole being - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Healing is beneficial for anxiety, trauma, separation anxiety, aggression, depression, any emotional imbalance and any physical problem. It also helps to calm and relax animals who are nearing transition and those who may be lost or too afraid to come out of hiding. 


One general healing for balancing and clearing the chakras or a more specific healing for animals with severe, chronic or specific ailments is half price with a communication session. Single or multiple healings at the regular or package rate can be purchased afterwards. Multiple sessions are recommended for chronic illnesses or severe issues. I also provide, and recommend, EFT (emotional freedom technique) for trauma based issues, or separation anxiety, or aggression.







  • A body scan or internal viewing to see what the animal is feeling and to view the organs.

  • A clearing of the chakras that are off balance or closed relating to both emotional or physical issues.

  • Focus on the specific health or emotional issue. I combine several techniques, depending on what I feel is best for the issue at hand. 


Body scans, or internal viewing, can supply important information to veterinarians and help you to understand how your animal is feeling. I don't diagnose. I only know what I feel or see in the animal's body. For animals nearing their transition, a body scan can help determine whether an animal is suffering.


Animals respond to energetic healing readily, because they don't usually have resistance, and they are sensitive and receptive to the higher frequencies of healing energy. 

A good example of this can be read on my Healing testimonial page about Louise, my feral kitty, whose wild nature totally changed during the sessions. During every session each day, for four days, Louise dropped her fear completely, and became a docile, affectionate and cuddly cat. However, after she was well, she returned to her feral nature.


You may read Diana's bio on the Healing testimonial page and also read examples.





Cha Cha has problems breathing at night, and tells Diana that her lungs and heart are fine, and that the cause has to do with the back of her throat and nasal cavity.