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If you are ever looking for a communicator for ANY reason, may I, with all my heart, suggest Diana.     Nancy Ort, Bellefonte, PA                                          


The animal communicator, Diana del Monte, was right on the money. We felt Emily (my dog) was in that neighborhood (Southwest), and if Diana hadn't given me the description of a house Emily supposedly slept at the other night, I wouldn't have been driving around this morning looking for the house. Which, for any skeptics out there, I FOUND!!!!! (Yes, I am going back to the house to ask a few questions about other info Diana gave me, so that I can help any nonbelievers reconsider.)

The point is, talking to Diana put me in that neighborhood, looking for that house,

and if I wouldn't have believed, I would not have been there when I needed to be. And all of that brought my little girl home. I hope she is happy to be home. She seems to be and is sticking pretty close to me. I think we will all sleep soundly tonight. If you are ever looking for a communicator for ANY reason, may I, with all my heart, suggest Diana.    Nancy Ort, Bellefonte, PA


Did you hear me yell all the way across the country???? He was exactly where you said he would be. Exactly. Neighbors fenced-in back yard, 5 minutes from here, straight north, diagonally through 4 houses. I am astounded and indebted to you. I had him in my arms 10 minutes after I read your email. Tears of happiness and love are flowing. What a gift you have and what a blessing you are.                          

                                              Lyn Flower Turner, Carrboro, North Carolina


I can’t thank you enough, ever. You are an angel. We went out this morning and found the dark gray house that you described (where Luke was at). I could not believe it!! Everything you described was there; round window, red pickup truck, open area, tall trees. It was in the woods, as you said, and with the area around the house open, great view. Then we saw the (‘big, stocky horse-like animals’ )...moose! I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I did not even know there were people with abilities like yours. I don’t know you, but thank you and bless you with all my heart. We are sooo happy to have  Luke home. We will never forget you, ever. Love from all of us, especially Luke.

                           Angelika Lynch, Anchorage, Alaska








and garages. We kept praying and searching. On the 18th day Omega was missing, Ronnie was driving down her street when she realized that the house just two houses away from hers was a pale shade of gray. Even though she had already searched this house she remembered that Dexter saw the color ‘gray’ and that this house did have a dog and a chain-link fence in the back. Ronnie knocked on the door and together the family went into the basement again. Ronnie called and called for Omega. Hearing no response Ronnie made a chuckling sound, and lo and behold she heard a faint meow, so faint she could barely hear it. The family was shocked. Ronnie found little Omega thin as a rail, weak and covered with webs. Omega was North of Ronnie’s house in the West end of the basement. She was hiding behind a white door near a child’s swimming pool with water still in it. Everything fit. Dexter had most definitely connected with Omega, and God allowed her to survive. Obviously I would refer Dexter to anyone who has lost a pet. 

                                                                                                                                            Marta Hemmingway, New Haven, Ct.


cat 2.jpg


When Omega, a three-year-old short-haired black cat was given to my sister Ronnie she was thrilled. Omega originally lived in a small apartment and had never seen anything except from the vantage point of a 3rd story window. One day Omega walked out of Ronnie’s house and never came back. My sister was devastated, so we contacted Dexter whom we have known since childhood. She said Omega was alive, very close by in the Northwest direction. She said there was a dog in the yard with a chain-link fence, and that Omega was near water and something white. Dexter saw brick or cinderblock & suggested we look in nearby cellars, sheds


My husband and I had acquired some peacocks which we wanted to raise and let run free on our small farm. We had 4 females and one male. After six weeks my husband left the coop door open in the morning after feeding the birds. Before we realized what happened, all the females took off in different directions and disappeared. We felt sick about it and were sure they would get lost or eaten by predators. I called Dexter and told her what happened. She called me back within an hour and said that three of the

females had stayed together, and one had flown off on her own. My husband later collaborated this...(three were from one home, the other hen was from another breeder, and they had left the coop separately.) Then Dexter described a place where she thought the single female was.  She told me Sueling flew West and 

was near water, a red barn with a metal roof and a large white house. Several weeks later we heard on the local radio station that a woman had found a peahen in her garage. My husband went to get her and found about 3 miles West of us, the exact location Dexter had described. The other females returned within several days. We were amazed at Dexter's knowledge, skill, and sensitivity. My husband is a skeptic, but even he was surprised at Dexter's accuracy. 

                                                                                           Emma Johnson, Oregon


Misty, the oldest of our three cats had disappeared. She was in the house at midnight, missing at 4:00 am. To this day I don’t know she got out. I was sure she was in the house dying. I was beside myself with grief and worry that she was suffering. Dexter said she was outside possibly in a small space with pipes overhead. She spoke with Misty and assured me that she was still alive, and asked her to come home. The next morning I opened the front door to see our 18-year-old cat come up the stairs. She had been gone for nineteen hours. I was astounded. She was weak and needed some medical attention, and we did find out that she had some major health problems. There is

no doubt in my mind that Misty had gone off to die. With Dexter’s help, we were able to make her last few weeks much more comfortable and have the opportunity to say goodbye. Without Dexter’s help, we would have lost her without ever knowing what happened to her. Being my Grandmother's cat, it was hard for me to let go of that last connection with my Grandmother. Those few more weeks gave me time to get ready for that.   Tyn Atol, Pasadena, California



OMG! We found her!!!!!! She was on the back hillside of our next-door neighbor. I can’t thank you enough. We would not have focused our search on that backyard had it not been for your guidance. I’m forever grateful to you. Thank you so much!!!!!  Danielle Leskin, Canyon Country, CA



We found her––in the area you described! She’s safe. I just want her to know she’s safe and she’s ok to just be a dog.  

We found these 2 houses and that’s exactly where she was––what you described!

Thank you!   Meggan Oksness, Los Angeles




Diana told me she saw 2 images. The first image was a flat open, spacious land with homes. The other image was of an entirely different neighborhood with horses and an old-style red horse barn. She asked me if there were horses in my area. Her dowsing showed that my cat was close by, and she asked me to look for red houses with white trim. I refused to believe her images because there were no horses in my area and no barn. I live in an area with lots of apartments, parking spaces, and absolutely no space. Based on this information alone I decided she was wrong.


I still had not found my cat and it was week three. Then I decided to call Diana Delmonte again.

Despite my sternness, she was calm and said she would help me by taking another look at this again. Diana told me my cat was alive in a tunnel, while her colleagues said he was not alive. Diana then described a house that was blue with very specific white wood trimmings. She said besides this blue house was an iron gate that leads to the backyard. She then described another house nearby with white posts. I knew the location of this house! It was the only one in the neighborhood with white posts in the front. I went there and found the blue house nearby with white wood trimmings and iron gates and the backyard. I did not find any tunnel though. I stood outside this house and called for my cat. I found nothing. But this was all in a cul-de-sac with houses facing each other, the houses were not in a line. Diana had mentioned that the cat was in an area where houses faced each other and nothing is in a line. 

Late that evening, a man called and said his daughter may have seen my cat. It was the same direction that Diana had pointed me to. As soon as I turned into the street, I saw my cat sitting at the end of the cul-de-sac under someone’s car. He was near the blue house with white trimmings. I then realized that the empty water pipe that my cat showed me was the tunnel he had been hiding in, away from other predators. There was a marking there that indicated this pipe connected to seawater somewhere else, so it was a tunnel!

Still, Diana's image about the horses or the horse barn did not match. Or so I thought! Six months later I went to a new grocery store. On my way back I saw a historic house. Intrigued I googled and learned that this was a historic home with a historic ranch farm that had been converted to a library. And in there was the red horse barn!!!


Diana's question ‘Are there horses in your area? Is there a red barn with white trim?"  I had answered NO. The answer was YES!

                                                                                                                                                                  Urani, Orange County, CA



Now, I don't know if I told you, but we actually live in a state park, we're VERY isolated, I figured the only possibility was a small kennel we have on the side of the house. It wasn't until this morning that we realized about 150 feet to the WEST of us (just like you said) is an old abandoned log cabin from the early 1800s. We went out there this morning and sure enough under the house was an old chimney base going through the boarded-up house. There was no way for us to access it without ripping up boards and the flooring but I left a message with the head of the park to tell him that that's exactly what we would be doing Monday morning if Bueller wasn't home. Then about two hours ago it started to rain pretty heavily. Up until then, we had left our grain room door open just in case, but we figured maybe we should shut it till the storm passes. Jimi went down to shut the door, called Bueller one last time, and who came trotting in (from the WEST) was a completely dry Bueller. The only possible way for him to have avoided getting wet would have been him being under that house. Absolutely AMAZING! We haven't stopped crying yet, but now they're positive tears, and my other cat is no longer wandering around like a lost soul, he's licking and cleaning his very hungry brother, thanks to you! I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are! You are truly an astounding person.  

 Thanks again and Best Wishes!

                                                                                                   Samantha & Jimi and our boys (Bueller & Ferris), New York 











Elaine combo
cat 1.jpg


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let me just first say, you were right, Bueller is alive! He came home about an hour ago! Now, he left Friday night, we were out all night looking for him and there was no sign, first thing Saturday we went door to door but see, our nearest neighbor is a half a mile away, no luck there, as you know just a lot of horrifying stories about other cats being attacked in the woods here, not very reassuring. We wanted to know whether he was alive, so last night I called you and told you his situation. You told me that you were sure he was alive and that he was showing you a foundation or basement of some sort, but he was within 50 yards of my house. 

yellow house.JPG


Hi Diana.

In the first conversation we had you talked about the yellow house and said he was 7 houses west of our house- this is that house, and the house where he was seen on camera two days before we found him. 

It is the only house you could really call yellow and has actual columns in the whole area and it is due west 7 lots away!  In my notes from our first phone conversation, you also talked about a curved driveway- the house next to the yellow house has a circular driveway.

Then a couple of days later when Elaine dowsed for him she located him over by the park which is right along the golf course, then the next dowsing put him on Augusta street, and that very same day we received a call that he had been seen at that address 2338, which is the exact address that Elaine came up with days later and after another confirmed sighting right nearby.  She said he was moving between that house 2338 and the exact street where the other woman called and gave us a confirmed sighting.  Interestingly enough- things about that yard also matched what you had said about a short backyard wall.


That yellow house is at the very edge of our neighborhood, and if he continued moving west he would have ended up over there in the area around the golf course.  


In the following days, you and Elaine both talked about ponds- the golf course area is the only place there are many ponds, then you also described a footbridge over a pond with trees surrounding it, an asphalt pathway, and a small brick building.  If he would have traveled from the Bloomington Hills Park where Elaine first placed him, on his way to Augusta Street he would have passed EVERY landmark you talked about.


We concentrated our efforts over there until the woman from the yellow house said he was back in our neighborhood on her porch in the middle of the night on video.  Then two days later he made his way back through our neighborhood, just a couple of blocks really, and was found on the path that winds through the park where the pickleball courts are. 

You guys were right on his trail! 



Below is an example of how remote viewing can sometimes help to zoom in.

After four sessions, I wasn't getting much information from George. He had shown me a white home with a German Shepherd, a fence running alongside a parking lot. I saw a home or building that had a pitched roof in the center and flattened out on either side. I saw what appeared to be a dark hole, possibly a drainage pipe.

There were a few areas that fit the description but George wasn't showing up. I did a remote viewing and from an aerial view, I distinctly saw myself looking down on the landscape to what appeared to be a cul-de-sac,  Looking afterward on the physical map, I found one cul de sac (unusual to find just one). I told Jennifer to focus near this area, which was West of her home––not the dowsing I had gotten, Northeast. 

Jennifer, as I explain on the FAQ page, had a hunch and listened to it.

Here is Jennifer's story.




I found him!!!!

He was at 510 west Colter. There is a house that is on the field of the Valley Lutheran school. The house matched your description. There is also a fence and a dog that lives there, with a long drainage pipe. The property is just west of the cul de sac you had on your map. It actually abuts right up to it.

I did walk around after work last night to avail. I went to the grocery store around 10pm

last night and on my way home decided to pull into the school's parking lot and called him for about 10 min.

I don't know where he came out from but all of a sudden he appeared and was meowing. He was scared and wouldn't come to me. I almost had a meltdown thinking I  found him but now how do I get him. I called my boyfriend and he came with cat food. It took about 30 min but I was able to get him.


After I got him back to my apartment he knew he was home and was just so happy purring and rubbing up against us.


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your information and for not giving up!! I think it was hard because he was on the move. But I found him thanks to your information!!!!!


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