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Diana is also a certified Remote Viewer and works with two other gifted Remote Viewers who are of service for a minimal fee. This is an entirely different process than animal communication, and involves "mind traveling" to the target site (present location) to extract informational detail. 


Sometimes an animal communication session can lead you straight to your animal. Yet most often this is not the case.

Telepathic communication with your missing animal may provide insight, support, valuable information, direction and tools to guide you and enhance your search. It may describe a particular area, through the animal's eyes or provide information from an arial view. Please read the FAQ For Lost Animals to help you form realistic expectations and to understand the challenges, various circumstances and conditions that may arise in this process of locating lost animals.  


There is no guarantee that you will find your animal. Reunion depends on many factors: the information your animal imparts; the details he or she can recall; his or her willingness or ability to return; whether or not they are still in their physical body etc. Determining whether or not an animal is in or out of body can never be determined with 100% certainty, for various reasons listed on FAQ.


Please do not request Diana's services with unrealistic expectations; ie "Just find my animal."  

Diana is always willing to help, but she cannot magically produce your animal at your door step. If she could, she says, she would join the circus. We are not magicians. We are animal communicators. 


The most important point is this:  Finding lost animals is not black and white. Missing animals can become feral or can be distracted, scared or disoriented. There are circumsatnces and elements that can interfere with the communication. There are many twists and turns, and not always a smooth road. Although the road can certainly be smooth, and has been for some people, it is not usually the case. Put your expectations in proper perspective. Remain open and ready to receive. Search with a creative mind and do all you can. Then let go and allow the universe to step in and guide you. Guiding you can sometimes mean accepting and understanding that your animals, like ourselves, have their own karma, their own journeys to follow and their own life lessons to learn. We can only do what is humanly possible when trying to locate our animals. The outcome is not up to you or me. It is up to your animal and the man behind the curtain.  


Pease read FAQ For Lost Animals.



  • General Reading to access the animal’s emotional state- before they left, at the time they left and in present time.

  •  Body Scan of the physical body for injuries and to determine, to the best of my ability, whether the animal is still alive in his /her body.

  • Communication with animal. While I may ask why an animal has left, if they are lost, if they know the way home, if they want to be found or want to return etc., my main focus and concern is locating them. I ask the animal to describe their surroundings, what they might have seen along the way, what sounds they presently hear or what they smell. I see mostly from the animal’s perspective, or sometimes from an arial view. The information I pick up will depend on the animal’s clarity, state of mind, readiness to share information etc.

  • Healing to calm and relax the animal if they are feeling scared or disoriented.

  • Two Dowsings for direction and distance away from the address the animal went missing from.

  • Remote Viewings for an additonal fee. I work with two other Viewers. Remote Viewing is an entirley different approach, and is recommended for roaming dogs or animals who have been missing for a long time or who are not returning. See Remote Viewing to read what it is and to understand the process.



Diana's help is sought internationally for locating lost and missing animals. Her findings are practical and focus primarily on description of the animal's present location. 


Diana offers other services for locating lost animals which, when combined with animal communication, provide substantial information and can help narrow your search. Dowsing and Remote Viewing are two such services that can greatly increase the success of finding your animal. Diana does not dowse maps.  However, clients often find their missing animal's location with Diana's general dowsing (direction and distance away from where the animal went missing from). Diana's directional dowsing, in particular, has a 95% accuracy rate.


There are no accidents. 

Anything you perceive to be a challenge, problem or crisis is a blessing in disguise.You need to look at it in a different way.”

                      J.D. Messinger




  • Animal’s photo  - best photos are those IN FOCUS, where the animal is looking into the camera, if possible. Please send more than one photo.

  1. Name, Age

  2. Gender

  3. Indoor or outdoor  (no additional info or story at this time)

  4. How long you've had him/her 

  (please just say, for example,"8 years", instead of: Oct. 5, 1998 - July 4, 2006)


 5. How long been missing  (state same way as above)

 6. Any confirmed sightings? (just yes or no--do not say where)


 7. Your address, or the address where the animal went 

       missing from, for dowsing (if your address cannot be easily 

         accessed on the map, then please send a link that works, or send a map

         marking your address)

 8. Your telephone number. Please specify if you prefer a

phone call to go over my findings, or a written email instead.


DIANA IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL MAP DOWSER, but will provide a GENERAL area on the map. 



Every communicator works differently. Diana prefers to know NOTHING about the case before she begins. In other words, NOT A THING. Please do not describe your area, (acres of woods, farmland, urban, rural etc) or provide any details about the case. Do not tell Diana what you think might have happened, where you think your animal may be, where s/he has been seen, or what other communicators or psychics have gotten. Information of any kind can influence the accuracy of her reading.

Diana likes to begin with a clean slate to be certain that she is receiving accurate information directly from the animal.

Also, Diana would prefer not to know that your cat is declawed, blind with two legs, will die in 24 hours without his medication, temperatures are below freezing, your neighbor murders animals, or tigers are lurking in your backyard. This sort of information doesn't help Diana to remain neutral and relaxed. She's human too. Please save and share any info at all after the session.

Please send payment confirmation first, then contact Diana so she can send you her personal email. Next, email Diana the above info, all in one email, and in a vertical numbered list, 1. 2. 3. etc., as in format above, using Diana's personal email address. Thank you!   PS Diana isn't anal retentive. She needs the info sent in this way so she can easily copy and paste the info into a Word doc. Diana then prints it out, and puts it in her notebook.  Working from a notebook, she connects, communicates, and writes her findings down. Thank you for making it easier and faster for her to assist you.

Payment is paid in full prior to the service. There are no refunds, once the session has been done.

NOTE: Diana schedules in order as received, however animals who have gone missing recently (a week or two) will take priority over animals who have been missing for four months or four years.

Also, if your animal in the photo is a different color from his/her actual color, please tell me.  Sometimes what appears to be a brown tabby in a photo turns out to be a gray tabby. So written descriptions are appreciated.  Thank you!

One last word on PHOTOS:  Please send your best shots.
if you have a photo like this...
Then please don't send me this