Giving Animals A Voice

Interview at the International Buddhist Meditation

Center for Supreme Master Television, October 20, 2011 

The Good News Is...We Are All Psychic

Diana at Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena, 2012

Guest speaker for  Supreme Master Ching Hai’s The Love

of Centuries book launch in Los Angeles. April 10, 2011 

The Quantum Mechanics of Animal Communication:

How and Why Psychic Communication With Animals Works

8-Part Series

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How and Why Psychic Communication With Animals Works

The Quantum Mechanics of Animal Communication

8-Part Series

           Part 1: Thinking in Pictures

           Part 2: Quantum Physics

           Part 3: Remote Viewing & The Power of Our Thoughts                         

           Part 4: Case Studies That Demonstrate How Our Thoughts Influence Our Animal's Behavior                         Part 5: Case Studies continued

           Part 6: Case Studies continued

           Part 7: Questions & Answers

           Part 8: Questions & Answers continued