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Video Assortment;
Animal Communication, Spirit Animals, Yoga,
and card reading
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Talking to animals at the Race For Rescues, 2018

HUMMINGBIRD For Happiness , 2020

FROG, Transitioning Through Difficult Times

TORTOISE, Relate to Your Own Essence

Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle sample card reading 

The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle Intro, 2020

Pranayam For Prosperity,  2021

Pranayam For Prosperity,  2021

Meditation to Increase Intuition 

In this video, I demonstrate a Kundalini Yoga praanayam (breathing meditation exercise) that develops the pituitary gland, stimulates the pineal gland, and increases our intuition. Yogi Bhajan suggests we do this seven minutes a day for forty days. When an activity is repeated for forty consecutive days, new pathways are created in the brain.


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