Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle Retreat

Day One:

Morning Practice:

Calling in the energy/consciousness of the South direction: Rattlesnake








Rattlesnake: Projection and Purification

Wisdom: Practice Conscious breathing to expand your aura and praana

Yoga: Breath Purification and the Navel Energy

Discussion: Learning to control our poison. Learning how to practice conscious breathing and benefits. How to engage our navel center and benefits. How to increase our radiance. Understanding and getting in tune with our inner guidance. 

Chakra: Third chakra––solar plexus and navel center––It's emotional and physical correspondence




The Five Elements

Evening Practice:


EARTH ELEMENT: Calling in Lizard






Lizard: Stillness and Introversion

Wisdom: WHen We navigate from our still-point, we align with our wisdom and highest purpose.

Discussion: Navigating from our still -point and increasing our awareness with Mother Earth. Moving from a deeper stream of consciousness, and gaining access to our inner guidance system.

Yoga: relaxing Left-nostril Breathing