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Beginning/Intermediate WORKSHOP  Level 1

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Three, 5-6 hour days


Payment plan $108 mo for three months.


Former students half-price $160

10:00 am - 3:00 pm   

SATURDAY, April 23

SUNDAY, April 24

SATURDAY, April 30

Workshop details
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Workshop includes:

  •  Certification

  •  15-hours of live training split over two weekends (three days)

  •  Practice exercises with one another

  •  Remote and “in-person” telepathic communication practice with   animals

  •  10-page detailed outline of program teachings

  •  2 audio Meditation MP3’s to quiet the mind and to connect   telepathically   with animals

  •  30-pages of supplemental and educational material



  • One additional hour or two group zoom, follow-up for sharing, and Q & A, and troubleshooting additional coaching

What you'll learn:

Day one:

  • Understanding what animal communication is, how it works, and how animals communicate

  • Exploring the 4 Clairs and how they apply to animal communication

  • Meditations to quiet the mind and find the still-point

  • Exercises to increase Clairvoyance (mental imagery)

  • Exercises to increase Clairsentience (sensing energy and feelings)

  • Learning several methods to connect telepathically with an animal

  • Sending and receiving thoughts with animals

  • Working from photographs

Day two:  

  • Fine-tuning our skills

  • Learning to interpret the information you receive

  • Using all the Clairs––sending and receiving “thought balls”

  • Discovering your medium

  • Overcoming doubt and blocks

  • Learning to trust what you receive

  • Practice with a “live” animal

Day three:

  • Incorporating the chakras

  • Introduction to Pendulum:

       Assess chakras and emotional states

       Find pain in the body

       How to use for muscle testing vitamins, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, etc.

       Practice with one another and with animals

       Basic overview of map dowsing for lost animals




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There are no refunds for workshops. Make sure you want to take the workshop. If you need to cancel, you can apply the rate to a future workshop or consultation. Thank you!

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fall workshop

LEvel 2

This advanced workshop is for anyone who has had basic training Level-1 and wants to deepen their practice and learn how to resolve animal behavior problems.

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online recorded classes


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   Kundalini Yoga Fridays     
9:00 - 10:30 Am
 Work with a Spirit Wisdom Animal Teaching
as we practice the Kriyas

Read more on the Yoga Website or register.

First three classes FREE
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power animal and card readings

FInding Your Power Animal Gathering

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   Kundalini Yoga Fridays     
9:00 - 10:30 Am

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Mind Wisdom Kundalini Reading Gathering

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