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 follow-up WORKSHOP

for the recorded

Psychic Communication with Animals Introduction course

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A follow-up, one to two-hour Zoom workshop, to practice what you've learned in the recorded Introduction. You'll practice exercises with a partner to develop and become more aware of how we send and receive thoughts. Then you'll practice with your partner's animal using photographs.


ONLINE recorded Courses

  • Introduction to Psychic Communication With animals 

Learn what animal communication is, how it's done, why it's possible. Learn how to send and receive thoughts. Understand the four-Clairs and how we use them in animal communication. Two downloadable guided meditations to access your still spot and be at the same frequency as animals, and one to connect telepathically to your animals.

  • Why You Should Listen when your animals don't; animals as mirrors

         includes Diana's e-book (highlights from the paperback edition)

  • End of Life; how to prepare; how to know when it's time; euthanasia or natural death; what animals have to say, what they're doing on the other side, and much more

Read the first day's program schedule HERE

Coming soon

  • INtroduction to EFT With animals


  • Seven-week Spirit Wisdom Animal Retreat




Morning and evening sessions delivered once a week. Weekly sessions will allow time to practice and absorb the teachings as you contemplate and apply the Wisdom Reading into your daily interactions and activities for the entire week. Even if we stay at home, we can still work on ourselves and observe our minds, emotions, and feelings that arise.


Kundalini Yoga kriyas will launch your practice into motion by providing mental clarity and focus, calm, and subtle energy shifts.


Journaling will build a personal road map where you can record your thoughts and experiences for the week and reflect upon them afterward.

About the Course: This is a retreat that nurtures our natural awareness as we absorb the mystery and magical presence of our animal brothers and sisters who help us to return, again and again, to a familiar place within ourselves of truth and wisdom. Each module has two sessions: the morning session-work involves Andean Shaman practices of Peru. The evening sessions incorporate chakra work and an introduction to the five elements. Both sessions include a Wisdom Animal Reading, a corresponding Kundalini Yoga, and meditations for personal growth and the opportunity to delve deeper into ourselves to create harmony and greater awareness within our body, mind, and spirit. In this balance, we cultivate a neutral mind able to master our thoughts and emotions to ride the ups and downs.

Retreat Includes links and supplemental .pdf hand-outs, 25-page e-book program summary of the spirit animals, wisdom-highlights, a chakra chart, a glossary of mantras, grounding and connecting nature-awareness techniques, and a list of what you’ll need for the retreat. Also offered is a 20% discount for The Spirit Wisdom Oracle Deck. See a sample of the deck on Diana’s website.


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   Kundalini Yoga Fridays     
9 am
with The Spirit Wisdom Animal card readings
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Beginning/Intermediate WORKSHOP  Level 1

Level-2 Workshop
 Click here

Three, 4-hr days


Early Bird $275   

Former students half-price $162

Dates and times TBA

Workshop includes:

  •  Certification

  •  9-hours of live training split over two-weekends

  •  Practice exercises with one another

  •  Remote and “in-person” telepathic communication practice with   animals

  •  10- page detailed outline program teachings

  •  2 audio Meditation MP3’s to quiet the mind and to connect   telepathically with animals

  •  30-pages of supplemental and educational material



  • One additional hour group, zoom follow-up for sharing and Q & A.

What you'll learn:

Day one:

  • Understanding what animal communication is, how it works, and how animals communicate

  • Exploring the 4 Clairs and how they apply to animal communication

  • Meditations to quiet the mind and find the still-point

  • Exercises to increase Clairvoyance (mental imagery)

  • Exercises to increase Clairsentience (sensing energy and feelings)

  • Incorporating the chakras

  • Learning several methods to connect telepathically with an animal

  • Sending and receiving thoughts with animals

  • Working from photographs

Day two:  

  • Fine-tuning our skills

  • Learning to interpret the information you receive

  • Using all the Clairs––sending and receiving “thought balls”

  • Discovering your medium

  • Overcoming doubt and blocks

  • Learning to trust what you receive

  • Practice with a “live” animal

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OCTOBER 30 and 31

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This advanced workshop is for anyone who has had basic training Level-1 and wants to deepen their practice and learn how to resolve animal behavior problems.

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What You'll Learn-- all my secrets

  • We'll dive right into behavior problems; the different types, methods in which to resolve, identify, and approach a behavorial problem.


  • How to identify mirrors, red flags for targeting pee issues, and much more.

  • How and when to dig deeper and peel the layers; why an animal's behavior may not change immediately;

  • How to ground and clear yourself before and after a session. 

  • How to find the emotional causes behind any behavior problem, whether due to past trauma,  conflicts in the household, fear, etc., and how you may be unconsciously exasperating any pre-existing or present behavior.

  • Swap photos and work with partners.

  • Group practice problem-solving with one animal.

  • We'll have a chance to work with a "live" animal guest.

  • There will be time to address any issues that you may be encountering in your practice.

  • We'll incorporate some fun: finding your power animal, anda reading from my Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle. 

  • Communicate with animals in Spirit. We'll end with an October ceremony for the departed.

  • Includes 1-hour one-on-one, or 90-minute group, follow-up coaching with me for a limited time.

  • Also includes my 60-page e-book companion: Why You Should Listen When Your Animals Don't; How Your Animal's Behavior and Health Mirror Who You Are


*Register by OCTOBER 24 for Sleepy-Bird Price*

SLEEPY BIRD: $275 -- until OCTOBER 24

LATE BIRD: $ 325 --  after October 24