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Integrative Healing 

At the Heart of the Mind


"Going to Diana is like going to a spa for the body, mind, and spirit"

Alison Meyers, Washington

About Healing

You don't have to be ill to benefit from energetic healing. 


Healing may also help alleviate depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress by restoring balance and clearing energetic blockages, which allows your energy to flow unhindered again; thus, facilitating physical and emotional healing.


Energetic healing works to clear the auric field, and subtle energy fields around the body where negativity can become trapped, and where illness first manifests.


I may use sound (gongs and bells), tuning forks, and aromatherapy to take you into a deep, relaxed state. When we are fully relaxed, in a state of surrender, love, and acceptance, and in tune with our bodies, healing can happen on multiple levels.


For distance healing, I'll email a complimentary guided healing meditation audio recording for you to listen to either before or during the healing. This helps to fully relax your body and mind making the body receptive to receiving the energy. During the guided meditation, you'll fill your body with light, send this light to specific areas that need physical or emotional healing, and also send this light outward to others, as you mentally repeat affirmations. During your meditative state, I'll be sending the healing energy to you. 


Also, see the Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT) Service page. This powerful energy-healing process of tapping meridians on the body while repeating statements can release fear and other sticky emotions held both on a cellular and subconscious level. Once the emotional underlying cause surfaces, is seen and realized, the physical or psychological ailment falls away.


Healing Bio


Diana is a Reiki Master, certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, and spiritual healer, initiated in the Andean shaman tradition of Peru. She studied and worked with Jude Unegbu, West African shaman and world-renowned healer, and is a certified remote viewer, trained by David Morehouse, P.h.D., author of Psychic Warrior and Remote Viewing.


Diana has practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation with Ken McLoud, and Gen Lekma Kelsang, taking Bodhisattva Vows at the Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Center in Los Angeles. and 

She has practiced Zen meditation under Zenryu Owatari and Reverend (Osho) Ryugen Watanabe, taking Jukai, lay ordination, in 1992 at the Kanzeonji Zen Buddhist Temple And Shiva Yoga Ashram, Los Angeles, and Tokudo

(monk/assistant priest vows) with Jyozen Anjyu in 2020.


She became a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in 2010, receiving her training at Golden Bridge Yoga, Los Angeles, with Master teachers Gurmukh, Gurushabd, Tej, Harijiwan, and Sat Siri.

Aside from combining and employing whatever she intuitively feels will benefit each person, Diana feels the most beneficial "technique" is to get out of the way and allow Divine energy and guidance to flow through–something all of us have access to but often block. A "healer" is only a vessel. As the energy flows in, the body relaxes, and the mind often drifts into an Alpha or Theta brain wave where one's frequency is raised thereby creating the natural environment for healing to occur.

healing testimonials


While you were doing Reiki I felt a pulsating in my (injured) arm. Each time the pulsating seemed to rise and get very intense, as though you were bringing the pain to the surface and sucking it out. This went on for a while. After you stopped the treatment, the pain was gone.

I have never felt anything like this before.

You have a powerful gift. You are a healer.            

Giorgio Calevaro
Venice, CA

Diana at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles

Very accurate body scan! Woke up in the night with heavy chest pain and constriction and in a.m. had diarrhea and was so weak had my husband take me to ER! They gave me an EKG!! And gave me the results of the blood work I did yesterday. All organs fine! Everything you picked up was right on! More proof of the accuracy level of your scans! Thank you my friend!  

Thank you so much!!!          Maria, Boulder, CO.



Dexter, you are spot on! I'm very impressed.  You are accurate, and I'd love you to do more healings.                

                                                   Sonya Lee, Pasadena, CA



After your session, the pain in my side was gone and never came back. Thank you!

                                        Rachel Goldberg, Burbank, CA


You are very powerful. Your psychic abilities have turned you into a very good healer.

                                         Jude Unegbu, Los Angeles, CA 



You are a miracle worker!

                                               Sandy Smith, Glendale, CA


I felt a warm, tingling in my abdomen when you were doing the healing, and I never told you that I was having problems with digestion and elimination.

                                                Macey Shaeffer, Hawaii 



I really benefitted from yesterday’s healing session!

I had two heart palpitations the entire day. TWO (instead of 15 or more) I walked for the first time by myself (I was afraid to before). I have my session with my therapist today, and I am sure since I am so much more grounded, that she will not suggest anti-anxiety meds. I look forward to the next session.

                                              Laura Sullivan, Portland, Or


Entrance of the healing room at Sea View 


O’Henry waiting to assist

It was like a miracle...

My pain first increased and then disappeared completely while you were "healing" me.

No heart burn yesterday ....

You have done such incredible work on me

I have been doing work..because you helped me to open my heart chakra..

I feel like a different person.

Now..i am not afraid....(about my health)

where I was terrified before.

I am asking what my body is trying to tell me.


OH..and this time both cats were in the room.

Ronnie busted the door open just as you were starting to do the relaxation.

She is usually very Bad..and I thought...I am going to have to throw her out.

Instead, she climbed up in a chair and went to sleep.

Peewee never moved.

We were so cozy...and it was really peaceful. 

THANK you so much for the sessions.

                                      Samantha Robins, San Jose, CA

Today I was so stressed, crying and really upset.

I was begging for a REAL shaman.

Then we got your email.   A miracle.

Tonight you changed our entire outlook and

emotional state. When the session finished, the door bell rang, and I could barely get up. I floated to the door

with glazed eyes.

We have given food in a syringe to our cat today, and the surgery is tomorrow. I felt so despondent today and now, very optimistic. And I know our cat Maya will be perfect.

I believe that your meditation, healing and love

changed the entire dynamic of our fear and her

anxiety. Miles don't matter. Cosmic connection does.

Thank you so much.


                               Sally Marr, Cuenca, Ecuador

Spiritual Names

Dharamjeet, Diana’s yoga name, means the princess/lioness of God

whose personal victory to overcome all challenges in life is experienced when she vibrates in harmony with the path of righteousness.


Byakko is Diana’s Zen Buddhist name. It means White Light. 


Spiritual names were given by the Golden Bridge Yoga teachers; Gurmukh, Gurushabd, Teg, and Harijiwan, upon teacher certification, and by Reverend Ryugen Watanabe, Osho, during Zen initiation at the Kanzeonji Zen Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles.


The purpose of spiritual names is to nurture our spiritual development so that we can aspire to and grow into the meaning of the names since spiritual names carry a high vibrational frequency.






$ 150 for a one-hour initial session: includes a chakra diagnosis, body scan, feedback via phone or zoom, and an energy healing

includes Mp3 healing recording for listening before the healing.


$ 210 for three consecutive sessions  (within three weeks) after the initial session

*essential for chronic issues



EFT (emotional freedom technique)

$150 for a one-hour initial session:

 includes an intake conversation on the phone, chakra diagnosis, set-up/protocol preparation for tapping, via zoom

$ 70 for each additional session



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