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I am a certified Remote Viewer, trained by David Morehouse .Ph.D., former psychic spy and top Remote Viewer for the US Army’s Intelligence Security Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Science and Technology.  



Remote Viewing is a practice of perceiving impressions about a distant "target" with the mind. Viewers enter a Theta brain-wave state and "mind travel" to the target-site to look around and gather as much information as possible. An intention beforehand to view the "target site". 




















The process of Remote Viewing is entirely different from having a dialogue with the animal. With a communication session, I work from a photo of your animal and ask to know the animal's age, species, and gender. With Remote Viewing, viewers know nothing and do not need a photo, although I prefer one. It's important that the viewers go in "blind." Any "front-loading" of information beforehand cannot result in being accurate. Only the nature of the problem or situation (lost animal for example, or missing person) is provided. 

There are two different processes in Remote Viewing: CRV and ERV. ERV (Extended Remote Viewing) is more of a free-fall, as there is no structure but more of surrendering and allowing to perceive whatever informational data presents itself. I might feel energy or motion, perceive visual data, or auditory, or I might experience physical sensations, as in the example in the following paragraph. In either process, it's important for the viewer not to interpret the data, but instead, just describe or relay it to you. I don't always know what I'm seeing.

Brief example of ERV: When viewing for a lost cat who wasn't showing up, I felt panic and extreme sharp pain along one side of my body and couldn't breathe. A predator flashed in view that was smaller than a coyote. I had no idea what it was but knew the person's cat had been attacked and had died. The sensation in my body was so real and intense, I couldn't continue. A week later a mountain lion was spotted in the neighborhood. 


A Remote Viewing session can enhance your communication session. Below is a brief example of a CRV (Coordinate Remote Viewing)––with a happy ending–which involves the writing of words, that surface into the subconscious, in a structured way after the session is over:

A brief example of CRV: Lila, an indoor cat, was missing and terrified. During the telepathic communication session, Lila said she could hear her person calling her. She told me she jumped a wall, was near home but was very scared. I couldn’t get much of a description from her. She showed me darkness. I got a glimpse of what looked like steel or rusted metal. I concluded that Lila was hiding-perhaps in a metal shed of some sort (wrong interpretation). I dowsed and got less than 5 minutes away Southeast of the person’s home. I told Lila to answer the next time she heard her name called. Lila’s person had looked in this direction near the wall and had called and called numerous times. No cat. No sheds.  


A Coordinate Remote Viewing provided descriptive words that resonated with the person: steel, rusted, long, rectangle, wood slats, wall, deep, falling. The person went toward the wall again and noticed a long, rectangular, rusted, steel, train cab sitting in the field that she had overlooked. She called her cat. Lila popped her head out from the ground next to the cab. The ‘wood slats’ turned out to be a wooden palette by the train cab. Below the palette was a "deep, dark, falling" hole in the ground where Lila had been hiding (and the reason I had only seen darkness.)


As you see from these examples, I am not able to pinpoint an animal's location with Remote Viewing. So dowsing is included for geographical direction and approximate distance away.

Some sessions can provide detailed descriptions, such as the description of the person who may have taken an animal, or tell us how an animal may have died. Other sessions may not. Every viewing is different, and there are many factors that determine how accurate a Viewing may or may not be.


The reasons are similar to the reasons why locating lost animals through telepathic communication can be challenging. Please read the FAQ on the Lost Animal page. The same information applies to Remote Viewing.




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