Coyote Rescue

May 27, 2011

I haven’t seen Kady in two months. Mary bought a safe snare trap, and intended to catch Kady this way. I don’t know exactly how it works. Kady would go for the hanging bait, and the snare would wrap around his neck. Mary would then net him, grab him by the scruff of the neck, and put him in the box trap. Mary is one brave woman. Although, she claims, catching a coyote by the scruff is far easier than grabbing the scruff of a domestic cat!

Unfortunately, she had to get the O.K. from Parks & Rec.

A meeting was held. Now Mary could not proceed without insurance and presenting a laundry list of documents. Meanwhile the Park Rangers got in on it- setting box traps every day- (but not checking them often enough, and trapping a squirrel, who died of sheer terror -fighting so hard to get out.) The Rangers patrolled often,which kept all the coyotes away, and made it harder to feed Kady, who had grown to trust me and Mary.

Another coyote was captured nearby in someone’s backyard. Also a boy, weak, with mange, and with the same exact injuries as Katy had. But it wasn’t Kady. The opposite leg was broken. This coyote will fortunately be rehabilitated.

As for Kady... it has been two months since anyone has seen him. I would call for him telepathically, but his buddy would come across the ridge alone.

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