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Peeing On The Blue Couch

Vicki knew that her seventeen-year old Siamese cat was trying to tell her something, and was concerned that Sasha might have another urinary track infection. Now Vicki also wondered if this had to do instead with something that she was doing or was not doing for Sasha.

Sasha was an intelligent, dignified, no-nonsense kitty who often communicated her dislikes with a severe bite, which had landed Vicki at the emergency clinic more than once. I had worked with Sasha earlier on the biting issue, and the biting had subsided. She had allowed Vicki to put her harness on her during their long road trip. Sasha missed this “treat” home in Oregon. Here Sasha had the opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of the vacation grounds as a free cat, and take refuge in the large, enclosed yard when she needed to. She could have easily escaped under the fence, but she had cooperated with my requests instead, and stayed inside the yard. Sasha understood and respected her boundaries. But now she was biting again, but not breaking the skin, when Vicki put the harness on her to take her outside.

I connected to Sasha, mentally holding her face at my third eye point and setting an intention to connect to her. Most of my clients call from out of state or out of the country, so my animal communication sessions are done from a ‘distance.” I waited for the subtle acceleration in my heart center, which I feel as I make the connection. Animal communication isn’t only a dialogue with the animal, but also merging or becoming one with the animal.

Anxiety flooded my body when I asked Sasha about the accidents.The first thing I heard was, “I don’t like being alone. I won’t stand for it.”

As an indoor kitty, Sasha felt bored at times. Although Vicki worked at home, she was sometimes gone for eight hours at a time, and despite the company of Dr. Siggy, Sasha’s feline companion, Sasha sometimes did not feel her path to purpose, or that she was meeting her full potential.

Next I did a mental scan of Sasha’s body to view the internal organs, and to feel what she physically felt. I mentally dropped through the top of her head, and scanned downward becoming aware of the feelings in my own body, which became a mirror for Sasha’s body.

Her organs appeared healthy and strong, although my attention was drawn to the bladder. I felt a slight discomfort in my lower abdomen. I suggested Vicki have a simple urinalysis taken for her cat to rule out another urinary track infection.

In general, two of Sasha’s energy centers, or chakras, were off balanc