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General Communication


 Behavior Issues


 End of Life, Animals in Spirit 

General Communication



$190–General Communication with your animal, including answers to your questions, body scan if requested, Chakra Emotional Assessment, 30 minutes on phone either on the spot or going over my findings after doing the session alone. Can be an hour total.

Please read the Services page

$75––Add healing at half price

$130––Each additional animal in the same family,  30 minutes

Behavior Problems

$ 350––Behavior Problems. Includes two communication sessions and two EFT sessions, one for you and one for your animal, or instead two for your animal. Also includes a body scan and Emotional Assessment.  Three to four hours total during a three-step process. Please read the Services page for more info and the list I'll need.

$75––Add healing at half price

$81––Add an additional EFT session for your animal 

$125  Body scan with a Chakra Emotional Assessment without an animal communication session

*Body scan is not an in-depth scan as it is for a healing session. It is a general scan to sense whether the issue might be of a physical nature. The Chakra work can be beneficial and insightful, lending to the underlying emotional cause of a Behavior Problem. 

$ 225––90 minutes. One-hour communication with your animal and a 30-minute phone call to share the communication. Includes a Chakra Emotional Assessment, a 15-minute energy healing for relaxation, if requested. Please read the Services page 

You may record the 30-minute phone share session.

Also includes Let Go and Surrender recording to relax, accept, connect and help you communicate with your animal on your own.

$25 for recording with no session

$81 Add for an additional EFT session to relieve anxiety and promote acceptance and well-being for you or your animal, or both.

$250  90-minutes. One Hour of Communication alone and a 30-minute phone session to share the communication; answers to your questions, share their purpose in your life, your life lessons, and messages for you, sometimes past life connection insights (I don't do reincarnation questions)

Please see the Services page for session details

End of Life

Afterlife -- Animals in Spirit



I integrate several healing modalities I've practiced through the years while working with violet, white, and golden light. The initial healing session includes a Body Scan with Chakra Assessment and Pendulum work for further physical and emotional information, clearing, and balancing. I don't communicate with your animal during the healing. Energy healing benefits physical, emotional, and mental issues, promotes relaxation, eases anxiety, etc. Beneficial for end of life, separation anxiety, and much more.


For animals

For humans


EFT for animals and humans

Fees for Healing

For Animals

$154  Initial Session, which includes a Body Scan with Chakra                    Assessment and Pendulum work

$ 54 for each additional healing within a three-week period.


$ 254  For Five Consecutive Sessions Healing Package

           (savings of $62)  *recommended for best results

Best to get a Veterinarian exam beforehand, however, please don't share symptoms or the diagnosis prior to the initial Body Scan. Please read the Services page for the list of information I need.

For Human

$154   One healing includes Chakra Emotional Assessment, Clearing, Balance, and recorded Guided Meditation during the healing session (remote)

$ 274  Three Consecutive Sessions Healing Package

            (savings of $80)

Please read the Services page for more information


$150   EFT for Animals with Chakra Emotional Assessment, does                 not include communication with animal 

$225   EFT for Humans with Chakra Emotional Assessment


Multiple Session Packages available for both people and animals

Please read EFT Services page  


*Visit Healing for Humans   and  Healing For Animals  

for more information about healing and the list I need



Lost Animals

$ 290  COMBO SERVICE:                                                                          Work with two communicators, myself and Elaine Decarlo: 

Two communication sessions and two map dowsings with Elaine.

One Remote Viewing, two dowsings, and two Chakra Emotional Assessments (read what these are and how they help HERE)

ER fee is $100 

Sunday's fee is $140, as Elaine and I split.

* Please check with me first to see if I'm available on Sunday

Lost Animals

$150   ONE communication with your animal for general information, a description of the location, plus 2 Dowsings for geographical direction and distance away, Chakra Emotional Assessment (*read what this is), a Body Scan for injuries. A session may be a combo of communication and remote viewing, depending on which works best at the time.

NOTE: The second dowsing is done within TWO WEEKS of the first session, while my energy connection with the animal is still strong.

I don't dowse maps. I do look on the map, circle a general area for you to post signs, and will provide visuals -- screenshots of homes that resonate and drawings -- to better illustrate what I saw and sensed during the session. Please read more about this service on the Service page.

$108  Body scan with a Chakra Emotional Assessment without a Lost Animal communication session

*The body scan isn't a medical scan as in the healing session. It's a general scan to determine injuries, predator attacks, accidents, etc. The chakra work will show whether the animal is roaming, trapped, finding food, or possibly with someone. It is not a communication with the animal and will not provide a description of location. This service is included in the full session but is offered solo as well, for those who just want a little insight.


$150   Remote Viewing with one dowsing This is one hour of Viewing. No communication. The session is focused on description only, includes drawings, screenshots from the map after I dowse.  *recommended when animals have been missing for months  Read about the process of Remote Viewing HERE.


Emergency  Consultations:  Add $50

Sundays add  $70

I'm not available on Saturday, Sunday, Monday (exceptions sometimes. Please check and ask)

I don't work over the phone. I work alone with an eye mask and ear plugs and a session can take up to 3 or 4 hours. Since I provide screenshots, a map, and drawings I can email only. I would, however, love to connect with you on the phone, but there is an extra charge for this. $25 for 30 minutes. Thank you for understanding.


via Zoom or on phone

Meditation for Connection.jpg


One-on-one coaching/troubleshooting for your animal communication work    $154  hr.                                                                                   $ 81  1/2 hr


Group Coaching for anyone who has already taken an Animal Communication Workshop (with any teacher) and needs support, practice, has questions, etc.               

90 minutes  (4 people minimum) $ 54


Intuitive Card Reading and Chakra Assessment

Three-Card or Five-Card Spread using my Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle with Tarot. Spirt Animal Wisdom will help to shift your mindstates, thoughts, and habitual patterns that may be blocking you. The animals will provide the insights and strength you need to accomplish what you want and align you with your highest potential. Includes a Chakra Assessment to help you release what you no longer need and come into balance.   $75 


via Zoom 


Friday mornings 
9:00 - 10:30 am

Lessons from the Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle deck as we practice Kundalini kriyas and pranayama. This is not traditional Hatha-based Yoga. You don't have to be "in shape". All you need is a will, enthusiasm, stamina, and the desire to work on yourself.

Visit the website for more information

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Assisted by O'Henry


First three Classes FREE

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