Giving Animals A Voice

Interview at the International Buddhist Meditation Center

For Supreme Master Televison, October 20, 2011 

 The Good News Is...

                            We Are All Psychic

Diana at Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena, 2012

Guest speaker for  Supreme Master Ching Hai’s The Love

of Centuries book launch in Los Angeles. April 10,2011 

The launch event, attended by 1,500 people and televised internationally on Supreme Master TV was held at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, and was followed by a 5- course vegan banquet.

The Agape choir with Ricky B Beckwith, performing at the event.

See the entire series on

How and Why Psychic Communication With Animals Works

8-Part video


    The Quantum Mechanics

     of Animal Communication


See the entire series on

How and Why

Psychic Communication With Animals Works

8-Part video


           Part 1: Thinking in Pictures

           Part 2: Quantum Physics

           Part 3: Remote Viewing & The Power of Our                                    Thoughts

           Part 4: Case Studies That Demonstrate How Our                        Thoughts Influence Our Animal’s Behavior

           Part 5: Case Studies continued

           Part 6: Case Studies continued

           Part 7: Questions & Answers

           Part 8: Questions & Answers continued

Undersanding, peaceful connection and Trust

 Selected Speaking Appearances:


  • What is Animal Communication?; Nittiny       Greyhound Rescue, Pennsylvania, 2009

  • Talking to Animals as a Spiritual Path; Indian Springs Ranch, Sylmar, CA, 2010

  • Breathing for Health & Healing; Indian Springs Ranch, Sylmar, CA May 18, 2011

  • The Divinity of Animals, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Book Premier, The Love of Centuries, Cerritos Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles,  Web TV,   April 10, 2011 

  • Opening Our Hearts; Feline Wisdom, Supreme  Master TV, 2011 

  •  Animals as Healers; Nittany Greyhound Rescue,    PA, 2011

  •  Doggy Days; Pasadena Adoption Event, May 12,  2012

  • The Quantum Mechanics of Animal Communication, Alexandria Bookstore II,          Pasadena, CA, June 14, 2012

  • Understanding Animal Communication,    Unitarian Universal Church of Pasadena,   Pasadena, CA May, 2012

  • Book Signing & Talk at Mystic Journey    Bookstore, Venice, CA , May 2012

  • Blessings Of The Animals, Reading From Forthcoming Book; Why Should Listen When Your Animals Don’t; How Your Animal’s Behavior And Health Mirror Who You Are, Oct. 20, 2013