Greetings!  And welcome!

Thank you for your interest in my work and for subscribing!

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Most of all, thank you for your love and compassion for animals. 

As you know, our animals are our teachers and, through both joy and sorrow, guide and redesign our lives. And when we listen to our hunches, we relax into our lives. Our animals give us this wonderful gift of listening. My kitty companions have led me to the most wonderful people, always at the right time and place. It's true, we're always where we need to be! 

So here we are!  And I am grateful to have you as a subscriber.

I have meditation gifts for you that will center and relax you and increase your psychic abilities. I hope you practice. Quieting the mind is an essential step to "hearing" our animal companions.  

Stay tuned for announcements, discounts, classes, and hopefully interesting tid-bits and stories along the way.

Bless you and all the animals, in and out of your life.

Much love,