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"Diana's passion, integrity, and loving intent for the animals shine through and create a magical learning experience for pets and owners alike.  She is blessed with a wonderful gift".

"We have attended Diana's workshop teacher training with our deaf dog to assist her students with animal communication skill building. The results have been amazing. Diana has a gift and has helped many pets and pet owners resolve issues and gain deeper understanding while resolving problems. She is truly an amazing spirit." 


Renee Dominique

Animal Communication Training

WORKSHOPS, and Why I Teach Them

Hey! Lookout! I’m down here!

With one foot in midair, I look down at my cat Bubby lying across the threshold of the music room, glaring back at me with no intention of moving. He had stopped me from trampling him by speaking to my mind.

I passed it off as a coincidence.

We do this when we don't think we can hear our animals.
We dismiss it. You're already hearing your animals
but aren't aware of it.

Bubby was my first animal communication teacher. But animal communication was farthest from my mind, yearnings, and comprehension in my artist days. Well into my forties, I was dedicated solely to my artwork and had always been a hard-core skeptic, rolling my eyes at the thought of animals talking.


As a former skeptic, I know how to coach people past their doubts and blockages. Practice and validation from other's animals will boost your confidence and get you to trust and believe in yourself. I know because overcoming my doubts and believing in myself took me a long time.

So, two months later, I sit with Bubby in the sunlight, my mind in pinpoint attention, aware of only my hands stroking his warm, black, bushy, sunlit fur. Just then, Bubby flashes a vivid image of himself straining to urinate. Was he telling me he was having problems again? He had a history of urinary tract disease (FLUTD, a condition in which struvite crystals form in the urine and create a life-threatening blockage). But I doubt this image could be his thoughts, and passing it off as another coincidence, I don't take action or give the incident a second thought. Two days later, Bubby completely blocks and is rushed to the vet for surgery.


I still dismissed the image in my mind as a coincidence.

A third message from my cat Yudi finally convinced me that I might be hearing my animals; in a dream, Yudi relayed a health problem concerning my cat Baba. This incident catapulted me into a new world of exploration and, eventually, a career as an animal communicator.

Learning this skill will change how you see yourself and all life around you and open your heart.

Why Animal Communication is Easy to Learn

My personal stories above illustrate two ways to receive information; auditory and visual, images and thoughts (words) in the mind. Animal communication is becoming more aware of the pictures and thoughts in your mind and feelings in the body and trusting your inner knowing or intuition. You already have what it takes. But just as we don't hear what another is saying until we pay attention, we set an intention to dialogue with an animal. 

I teach you how to become more aware of these innate abilities, which are so natural and subtle, they often go unnoticed. Often we receive messages during sleep, like Yudi showing me thick soup in his body. We have hunches about our animal's health (although Baba needed help, not Yudi), and these hunches are our Divine guidance or inner knowing and another way we receive information.'

A workshop will increase your intuition, awareness, understanding, and confidence. You will find your still spot to access a quiet mind without distraction quickly.

Join me in a workshop!

“The retreat was awesome! I feel I got more advanced training than I thought possible as a beginner.”    

Dorrene Ross

Zoom Options too!

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Animal Communication  Course in-person
with Certification of Completion
April 5, 6, and 1 1 
Go here for information

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Workshops with animal communicator, Diana Delmonte
Intimate group gatherings to learn how to telepathically communicate with animals.

Advanced Workshop   Level II  Resolving Behavior Problems
Dates TBA

What You'll Learn . . . All My Secrets

  • We'll dive right into behavior problems; the different types, and methods in which to resolve, identify, and approach a behavioral problem.

  • How to identify mirrors, red flags for targeting pee issues, and much more.​

  • How and when to dig deeper and peel the layers; why an animal's behavior may not change immediately;​

  • How to ground and clear yourself before and after a session. ​

  • How to find the emotional causes behind any behavior problem, whether due to past trauma,  conflicts in the household, fear, etc., and how you may be unconsciously exasperating any pre-existing or present behavior.​

  • Swap photos and work with partners.​

  • Group practice problem-solving with one animal.​

  • We'll have a chance to work with a "live" animal guest.​

  • There will be time to address any issues that you may be encountering in your practice.​

  • Includes 1-hour one-on-one, or 90-minute group, follow-up coaching with me for a limited time.​

  • Also includes my 60-page e-book, excerpts from the paperback: Why You Should Listen When Your Animals Don't; How Your Animal's Behavior and Health Mirror Who You Are

EFT and Dowsing Workshops
available on demand

"I took Diana's EFT class.  At the end of the class, I wrote a script to use for a cat that wouldn't let anyone touch her paws.  The cat's person tapped with that cat using my words.  In less than 10 minutes, she was able to touch the cat's paws. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and what Diana had taught me to do. I had been working with another client's cat with animal communication.  She was frightened, ran upstairs, and wouldn't come down.  This had been going on for over a month, and I wasn't having any luck with her.  After I took the EFT class, I wrote out a script the way Diana had taught me.  The cat's person used it on her for a couple of days.  The cat went downstairs, was completely relaxed, and sat in a window. Her person sent me a picture. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.  Thank you, Diana!  The tools you have given me as a pet communicator have been invaluable."                                                                                                                                                                            Joni Ostrich

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