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WELCOME! Watch FREE Description of the 14 Spirit Animal practices. Take one session. Or take both Morning and Evening sessions, or ALL, discounted.

This video will take through the seven days with your spirit animals. The retreat contents offer a transformative experience for those seeking deep spiritual connection. From the Andean Shaman tradition, we connect with the energies of the six directions, listen to an Animal Wisdom reading, followed by Kundalini breathwork and chakra work. This combination creates a powerful space for personal growth and healing. In addition, there are many supplemental handouts, recordings, and journal prompts to further you along.


Welcome to the Course Overview. This video will take you through the seven days with your spirit animal practices for deep inner work. Take single sessions. Take both morning and evening practices, or the entire retreat at discounted rate. The Program Guide, &Kundalini Kriya and Chakra Stone Meditation booklets are free. WHAT THE SESSIONS ARE ABOUT: Each morning, we call in a Spirit Animal from the six directions and listen to a talk about the Spirit Animal to help us navigate from a higher vibration and presence. You’ll gather your own stones to represent and resemble the Spirit Animal of each direction, and assemble a Mesa, or traveling altar, based on the Andean tradition. A Kundalini Pranayama at the end of every session deepens your practice by quickly removing blocks and helping to ride the ups and downs in life. I will guide you through them, and you’ll have an instructional handbook with diagrams as a reference. Listen to another Spirit Animal reading every evening, reflect on how you applied the wisdom in your day. We look at the chakras associated with the particular spirit animal, the emotional and physical relationships, the effects of alignments and misalignments, and the stone associated with the chakra, and practice Kundalini exercises to stimulate the chakra. End with a reclined relaxation while listening to a recorded specific chakra meditation—perfect way to drift into a good night’s sleep and wake up happier. Allow one week to practice the wisdom before starting another session. Changing a negative habit or thinking takes continual practice, intention, and effort. Writing in the complimentary journal will help to track your progress and notice your mind when you fall off track. In addition, there are many supplemental handouts, recordings, meditations, and journal prompts to further you along. THE PROGRAM Fourteen Class Practice Videos Three Bonus Videos Four ebook Handbooks: Seven pdf Instructional Handouts Twelve Audio Recordings

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