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Interspecies Communicator

Interspecies Communicator

Diana is a modern-day mystic, author, presenter, and renowned animal communicator for over twenty years. She is a psychic, intuitive medium for animals in spirit and empath. Her sleek, black cat, Bubby, introduced her to animal communication.

"My introverted artist's life changed after my partner, Michael, brought Yudi Boo Longfellow home, a coal black kitten, and then his orange brother, Anu. Six months later, two black brothers showed up at my door, Bubby and Baba Looie, as I gradually adjusted to kitty chaos in a small one-bedroom triplex on the middle floor. Yudi Boo shattered my silence.

Fast forward. One day, my pen ran out of ink, and while strolling through the rooms to find another pen, Bubby stopped me in my tracks with words I heard in my mind, "Hey! Look out!! I'm down here!!"

"I looked down at Bubby sprawled at the doorway of my partner's music room. I dismissed this as a coincidence but finally realized a few months later my animals were talking after two more similar incidents that blew me away. I love teaching others how and why to trust what they hear and to overcome doubts and blocks because I had a zillion.

Afterward, I trained in animal communication and practiced but couldn't let go of my artwork until the tragic death of a cat named KuKu, another family member, catapulted me into professionally pursuing animal communication and writing books.  I wanted to help animals and deepen human understanding and awareness. Mostly, I wanted to learn to listen to animals because I hadn't heard KuKu. I wanted to change and, as Gandhi said, become that change. We must forgive ourselves as our animals forgive us, which is why most of us have animals; to experience unconditional love. Don't we all aspire to be more like the animals who live with us?"

Diana is a spiritual activist, vegan for 27 years, and a longtime Zen, Vipassana, and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practitioner for over thirty years, She lives her life in the practice of Ahimsa, a Buddhist doctrine of refraining from harming any living being. She began Zen training in 1992, taking Jukai with Reverend Ryugen Watanabe in Los Angeles.


As a former accomplished artist and continuing educator, Diana taught art, yoga, and meditation to thousands of children in schools throughout Los Angeles while showing children how to care for and communicate with animals.

"Children always amaze me with the information they pick up from animals with as little as twenty minutes of teaching. They're good reminders that

Interspecies communicator

we're all born with the natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Like my seven-year-old student who knew what my assistant's dog Sparky's favorite thing to do was. The young boy saw a cement walkway and a bench under a tree and smelled pizza. Despite laughs from the class, Sparky loved to go to the park and would play while my assistant sat on a bench under a tree along the cement walkway. To and from the park, they passed an Italian restaurant. All we have to do is get out of our heads, drop into our heart center by focusing on the chest, drop the doubt and fear, rekindle and trust our intuition, set our intention, and have fun with it, like kids. Children and animals teach and show us so much about ourselves.


Years of visual art and meditation prepared me as an animal communicator. During these activities, I sat for long periods in silence, focused attention, and a relaxed mind; three components for receiving information telepathically."


Diana is also a certified Kundalini yoga instructor, Remote Viewer, and Zen monk/assistant priest, taking Nyudo Tokudo (vows) in 2020 with Jyozen Anjyu, Los Angeles.

She is a Reiki Master/teacher and spiritual healer initiated in the Andean shaman tradition of Peru.


Diana is sought internationally for her expertise in locating lost animals and resolving challenging behavior problems, such as inappropriate urination, aggression, and trauma-based issues.

She's resumed her art part-time after thirty years.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World       Mahatma Gandhi
To interview Diana, please email.



Discovering your animal's inner voice and journey to greater understanding with Diana Delmonte: Connecting Compassionately with all Creatures. Discover a powerful, intuitive way to communicate and develop a deeper connection with your animal companion. Experience the joy of connecting with all beings.

Diana is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Visit her website:

Diana taught art

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Compassion For All Beings

Diana supports various rescue organizations by donating her time and skills for adoptions, fundraising events, animals in captivity, and rescues, and contributes monetarily to organizations helping animals and the environment.

Diana has always been an animal rights advocate, rescuing stray dogs, wild rats, and mostly feral cats with TNR (trap, neuter, and release) programs in Los Angeles. There are said to be over 10,000 free-roaming cats in the city. 

Donations are always welcomed. 

Animal Rescue Organization


  • Race For The Rescues

  • Stray Cat Alliance

  • The Los Angeles Guinea Pig and Farralone Horse Rescue

  • The WildLIfe Waystation

  • The Farm Sanctuary

  • Defenders of Wildlife

  • The Pasadena Humane Society

  • PETA

  • Friends of The Earth



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