The Spirit Wisdom Retreat

SEVEN-WEEK online Retreat


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Join me in this sacred journey with Spirit Animals. We'll engage in a heart-centered practice during the Seven Weeks and meet fourteen Spirit Animals who will guide us through a journey of self-inquiry. We'll practice life-changing Kundalini Yoga kriyas that will take us deeper into limitless possibilities as we step forward into the expansion and joy of unconditional love and wisdom from the animals.



The Seven-Week Spirit Wisdom Animal Retreat combines Spirit Animal Wisdom Teachings, meditations, mantra, and pranayama, chakra work, and a light touch of Peruvian Shamanism. 


Each week will explore the wisdom of two Spirit Animals.  By linking the mind with the breath through mantra and pranayama we'll experience immediate changes: greater mental clarity and focus, more calm and peace, and subtle energy shifts in our body and mind.

We will review the eight chakras with their corresponding elements, and practice meditation or pranayama to activate each chakra.

Fourteen Modules

Module 1


CALLING IN RATTLESNAKE - morning practice

  • Learning how and why to practice conscious breathing How to engage our navel center and the benefits.

  • How to increase our radiance.

  • Understanding and connecting with our inner guidance.

  • MEDITATION: Breath Purification and the Navel Center


Module 2

TORTOISE - evening practice

  • Looking at grasping and addictive patterns

  • Finding protection and love within
  • Returning home
  • Recognizing who we truly are

  • MEDITATION: Relate to Your Own Essence

Module 3

CALLING IN JAGUAR - morning practice

  • Developing a peaceful standstill in the eye of the storm

  • Trusting your intuition
  • Throwing away our agendas and seeing the benefits
  • Springing from the intuition

  • Finding our confidence and spontaneity through the breath

  • MEDITATION: Pranayam Energizer Series

Module 4

SEAL - evening practice

  • Playing and Creating
  • Moving through our feelings
  • Listening to our gut
  • Achieving flexibility and balance 

  • MEDITATION: Alternate Nostril Breathing


Module 5

CALLING IN HUMMINGBIRD - morning practice

  • Developing appreciation

  • Hovering at the heart center

  • Penetrating through the bitterness

  • Finding joy and delighting in the sweetness of our core

  • Discovering our Infinite still point 

  • MEDITATION: Sitaliee Pranaayam––Breath of the Nectar of Life


Module 6

LION - evening practice

  • Looking at the monkey-mind

  • Observing our thoughts

  • Detachment

  • Developing our personal power

  • MEDITATION: Breath of Fire with Lion Paws​

HORSE - part 2 - evening practice

  • Acknowledging your feelings

  • Taking responsibility

  • Building our confidence

  • Honoring your intuition.

Module 7

CALLING IN CONDOR - morning practice
  • Focusing at the tip of the nostrils
  • Merging with the breath
  • Seeing an aerial view of our lives
  • Surpassing the mundane in every situation
  • Devouring the remains of dead thought-forms

  • MEDITATION: Ten-Stroke Breath to Experience the World Beyond


Module 8

COW - evening practice

  • Dismantling fear

  • Staying present with our pain

  • Considering our actions

  • Seeing yourself in others


    MEDITATION: Kriya for Balancing Mid and Heart Unto Infinity


Module 9

CALLING IN RAVEN - morning practice

  • Connecting to life's mysteries
  • Contemplating our existence
  • Expanding out
• Vibrating powerfully by our presence

  • MEDITATION: Eight-Stroke Breath to Enhance the Psyche


Module 10

  • WHALE - evening practice

  • The true meaning of communication

  • Speaking from the heart; projecting from the navel

  • Using our speech to heal

  • The gift and grace of mindful speech MEDITATION:

  • Meditation for Positive​

Module 11

CALLING IN ANT - morning practice

  • Camaraderie
  • Fruits of teamwork
  • Humility and Divine support
  • Receiving mental stability and inner guidance

  • Seeing the Divine in everyone

  • MEDITATION: Guidance of the Soul — Giaan Sudhaa Simran

Module 12

  • PUMA - evening practice

  • Watching from the stable presence

  • Moving from the Being, not the Doing

  • Staying in the spirit of innocence

  • Recognize the Self 

  • MEDITATION: Two-Stroke Breath to Connect the Subconscious with the Intuition

Module 13

CALLING IN EAGLE - morning practice

  • The harmonic integration of above and below • Disengaging with the ego-mind
  • Recognizing awareness
  • Rising above limited views

  • MEDITATION: Old Gypsy Way of Calling in the Spirit

Module 14

PEACOCK - evening practice

  • Shining with humility
  • Experiencing the Divine within • The practice of meditation
  • The practice of presence

  • MEDITATION: Meditation to Brighten Your Radiance



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  • Mesa instruction booklet  .pdf

  • Chakra Stone Meditation booklet .pdf

  • 17-page Weekly Practice Journal Guidebook

  • Kundalini Yoga Kriya Companion Booklet

  • Two more .Pdfs

  • Three additional Mp3 powerful Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Practices




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