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Let's Talk to Animals, Diana Delmonte podcast interview with Shannon Cutts
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Watch the video interview with Shannon Cutts

My Doggie Says...
                              Interview with
Fred Haney,
1100 KFNX,
August 23, 2011
Interview With Fred Haney - Unknown Artist
Interview with Filippo Voltaggio
Diana Delmonte's interview with Filippo Voltaggio on the Life Changes Show
Life Changes Show

NoteWorthy News-Heartline, Supreme Master International TV

L.A. Radio
Speaking-081810.mp3, August 18, 2010

Spiritually Speaking Live; Game Con Radio with Stacy Marsh &  Lynne Herod-Deverges 


Woof Talk with Zuzanna Rybarczyk,  Is Animal Communication Possible?  2020


Interview with Zuzanna Rybarczyk

Woof Talk with Zuzanna Rybarczyk,  Behavioral Issues, 2021

Interview with Dr. Cara Gubbins, Global Animal Communication Summit; Animals as Mirrors, April 2021

Interview with Dr. Cara Gubbins

Interview with Dr. Cara Gubbins, Global Animal Communication Summit; Finding Lost Animals; Tips and Tools,  April 2021

Giving Animals a Voice; Animal World, Our

Co-Inhabitants, Web TV, 2011 Interview With

Pet Talker Dexter Del Monte, 2009

Speaking Appearances

The Divinity of Animals, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Book Premiere, The Love of Centuries, Cerritos Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles,  Web TV,   April 10, 2011 

The Good News Is...We Are All Psychic

Diana at Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena, 2012

Animals Are Psychic with Diana Delmonte at Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena CA

Talk at Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena CA  2012    

The Quantum Mechanics of Animal Communication
8-Part Series

Watch the entire series
How and Why Psychic Communication With Animals Works

Click each title below and watch it on youtube

Part 2: Quantum Physics

Part 3: Remote Viewing & The Power of Our Thoughts 

Part 4: Case Studies That Demonstrate How Our
Thoughts Influence Our Animal's Behavior   

Part 5: Case Studies continued

Part 5: Case Studies continued

Part 6: Questions & Answers

Part 7: Questions & Answers Continued

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