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For speaking engagements or interviews, please contact Diana
for a Zoom or phone call

Diana Delmonte speaking at the Blessings for Animals event, Los Angeles, 2018

Diana is an experienced speaker and presenter, offering engaging talks about the power and complex world of animal communication. Her inspiring presentations cover a wide range of topics, from introducing the concept of animal communication to exploring the practical applications of telepathy and resolving behavior problems. Diana has a unique ability to entertain and inform, making the topic of animal communication accessible and relatable to a wide variety of audiences. Her stories, insights, and tools can help deepen the bond between humans and animals. Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject are contagious.

"I love opening hearts and minds with the topic of telepathic communication with animals. I've spoken at animal fundraisers, adoptions, national rescue events, bookstores, Blessings for the Animals events, radio shows, international Animal Communication Summits, podcasts, and more. My smallest audience was two people and my largest was 1,500. I love speaking, and will speak to anyone who will listen! Even one person is important. "


  •  Nittiny Greyhound Rescue, PA

  •  Indian Springs Ranch, Sylmar, CA

  •  Doggy Days; Pasadena Adoption

  •  Unitarian Universal Church of Pasadena, CA 

  •  Mystic Journey Bookstore,Venice, CA, monthly series  

  •  Blessings Of The Animals, Los Angeles 

  •  Balance Within You, Yoga Sanctuary, CT

  •  The Gateway Portal, Venice, CA

  •  Nature Friends LA Sierra Madre Lodge                

  •  Stray Cat Alliance Gala Fundraiser 

  •  Stray Cat Club Gala 

  •  Best Friends Gala 

  •  Race For The Rescues, Rose Bowl 

  •  California Wild Life Center Gala   

  •  Greyhounds in Gettysburg, PA

  •  Pasadena Humane Society, CA

  •  Hastings Ranch Library

  • Alexandria Bookstore, Pasadena                

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