October 18, 2016

The Gentle Gift of Letting Go. 

Oddly, several people contacted me to communicate with their dying animals in October. The requests were in synchrony with things happening in my personal life: Smokey Grace Jones, my twenty-two year old semi - feral kitty, had recently p...

August 29, 2016


Louise asks: 

“I think my hen, Whitey, is dying. She’s not moving, and won’t let me pic...




If you’re familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you know it involves tapping the body, while addressing the emotions around an issue. Tapping stimulates meridians, which can change patterns in the brain. On a cellular level this method...

We all have the ability to communicate to animals. 


We all have the ability to communicate with animals. 


If you are skeptical or doubt you can telepathically communicate with animals—or if you do not believe it is even possible for anyone else—you may block informatio...

March 4, 2016


Knowing whether our animal companions want our assistance to leave their body, or whether they prefer to leave in their natural time is sometimes difficult. Our emotions get in the way to clearly hear and know what our animals want or need. Choosing euthanasia can som...

February 5, 2016

Animal Communication Is The Groundwork

That Makes Communication With All Life Possible.



I have a large, strong dog named Alice. We adopted her off of craigslist. I think we are her 2nd or 3rd home. She is so good with humans, but can't be trusted with other female dogs. We have had her three

years, she is four-years old...we have had three incidents with h...


I noticed my cats smelling the air one day. It appeared that they were smelling layers of scents. Their noses twitched, and their heads rose up and down so subtly, one would have to stare as intently as I did to notice the nuances of their body movements.


I tried it!...


Vicki knew that her seventeen-year old Siamese cat was trying to tell her something, and was concerned that Sasha might have another urinary track infection. Now Vicki also wondered if this had to do instead with something that she was doing or was not doing for Sasha...

Shirley asks: 

Can you help me with my dog, Jimmy? He has separation anxiety. My neighbor told me that he whines and barks whenever I leave. He jumps on tables, and when I return I find my things all over the floor. Jimmy is a five year-old rescue, who has been with me...

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