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Interviewed by Mystic Mag: Communication and Compassion; How I Became an Animal Communicator

Can you explain how you first discovered your ability to communicate telepathically with animals, and what motivated you to pursue a career in interspecies communication and energy healing?

My cats motivated me to pursue an interspecies communication and energy healing career. Bubby taught me animal communication, and Bootsie’s death was the catalyst for taking energy healing publically. My start was gradual and slow. In the 80s, I had heard of animal communicators and thought they were nuts. I was a visual artist and skeptic, and although I was open-minded, working part-time for ten years in a metaphysical bookstore of world religions, the subject of animal communication was off the top. For thirty years, I was self-absorbed and consumed in art, exhibiting my work, collaborating with my partner, and hopping from gallery to gallery for art openings in Los Angeles. I lived with a musician who, like me, wanted no distractions, children, or responsibilities that might interfere with our work. Then, one day, Michael sabotaged my passion and commitment and brought a coal-black kitten home. Yudi Boo was my first. Soon afterward, we had a total of four. Fast forward maybe five years, I’d been writing for hours at my desk, nestled in cats, when my pen ran out of ink. With my mind still focused on writing, I strolled toward Michael’s music room, searching for another pen. I almost entered his room when these five words stopped me: Look out! I’M down here! I looked down to find Bubby sprawled, as cats sprawl, across the door’s threshold with no intentions of moving out of the way. Bubby stopped me from trampling him. Convinced it was a weird coincidence, I dismissed the experience. Then, a few months later, I was petting Bubby in the sunlight, wholly absorbed, stroking his body, when suddenly, an image of Bubby straining to pee popped into my mind. He had a history of life-threatening urinary blockages, but I dismissed the mental picture as a coincidence. Bubby had a full-blown blockage two days later, and I rushed him to the Vet for surgery. He had tried to tell me he needed help. One more incident, where Yudi delivered a life-saving message in a dream about my other cat’s health, convinced me I was hearing my cats. I bought a book on the subject, practiced sending thoughts to my cats and later trained with three mentors. However, it wasn’t until a few years after that the tragic death of one of my very young cats changed the direction of my life. I stopped making art and became an interspecies communicator. I hadn’t listened to Ku Ku, my departed cat; now, I wanted to listen to animals to help them and their people understand their animal’s needs and feelings. READ MORE:

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