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Services Summary

What Each Service Includes

After payment is received, I will email that service's questionnaire for you to fill out. 

NOTE: there are no refunds.
The payment can be applied for a later session if you need to cancel

VENMO AND ZELLE ARE PREFERRED, if possible. Please email me for my handles.


Animal Communication

A 30-minute communication session with one animal is done alone, and an email is sent afterward. You can ask me up to 5 questions. Body scan (optional) and emotional evaluation (chakra reading) included.   


1-hour communication session with one animal is done alone and a 30-40 minute phone call is scheduled afterward to discuss. Ask 10 questions max.

Includes all the above.  



In Spirit

In-depth communication with your companion. Ask me up to 7 questions. Includes an additional three questions of my own: 

  • who greeted you on the other side?

  • what do you want to say to each family member?

  • what was your purpose in your animal's life?

  • Special times you shared together

One Hour is done alone (I channel and write pages), then schedule a 40-minute phone call to discuss.

*I don't answer reincarnation questions (sometimes, past life relationships if the animal shares this)


End of Life

This session supports both you and your animal companion. Includes one hour of communication. Ask me up to 10 questions. Also includes:

  • body scan to see how they're feeling.

  • What your animal wants now (might be their bucket list)

  • what you can do to help them

  •  what they wish to say to each family member

  • special moments they shared with you

  • their purpose in your life


dog anxiety_edited_edited.jpg

Behavioral Problems

Overview Session: One hour of communication done alone. Includes a body scan for possible physical causes and an emotional evaluation and analysis to determine the root cause. Does NOT include resolving the issue.


Behavioral Intensive: 

This session aims to resolve the issue. If the behavior is a mirror, resolving it can involve changes and inner work on your part. Includes an emotional evaluation relating to each human and animal family member, a body scan to rule out possible physical causes, one additional session of communication, and two energy healings or EFT *extremely effective for aggression and separation anxiety.


*My book on behavior problems is available, which documents numerous case studies of the complexities and multi levels of behavioral mirrors.  

Diana and Auggie_edited.jpg


Healing is 30-40 minutes on Zoom, although the session may be longer as we meditate first to relax you, whether the healing is for you or your animal. Chants are played during the healing.

I might do a shaman clearing, alone, before the session, depending on the health issue. The session includes a body scan and an emotional evaluation. It does NOT include communication.

I combine Spiritual, Energy, Quantum healing, Reiki, Chakra, and Shaman cleansing. 

$150  for 40 minutes

$324 for 3 sessions

$648 for 6 sessions

$1,080 for 10 sessions

To start, multiple sessions might be done twice a week, then once weekly.


Offered for humans and animals.

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 5.35.24 PM.png


Emotional Freedom Technique (used for parents and their child survivors at the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre) is an amazing, effective energy modality that involves tapping the meridians of the body to release trauma, anxiety, habitual patterns, unconscious negative self-talk, and repression. It is especially effective for animal aggression and separation anxiety. It is also beneficial for humans (and often for both humans and their animals with behavior problems), as well as for physical illnesses, as we address the emotional root causes behind the illnesses.


Sessions are one-hour

The initial session involves the set-up (protocol I write out for tapping) with a tutorial and an hour of tapping via Zoom


Each additional session 30-40 minutes


Discount packages can be arranged.

* For animals: a communication session is done first to address the emotional root causes of the behavior.

*Please note that while body scans can provide insight into your animal's emotional and physical state, they are not intended to diagnose or replace veterinary care or energy healing.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at

Spiritual Insight Readings 

Readings for you or your animal!


For you: The readings won't tell the future or provide yes or no answers, such as, "Should I move to Brazil?" but will answer, "What does Spirit have to tell me about a move to Brazil?"

For your animal: What do I need to know about my animal's behavior? How can I cope with the passing of my animal? What can spirit tell me about why my cat is attacking his sibling?

I use several decks, sometimes Tarot, but I always include my own Spirit Wisdom Animal deck to help shift our perspective, outward and inward, creating peace of mind. By shifting our mindsets, we can change our present predicaments and move forward. 

Our thoughts are more powerful than we can ever imagine, and the reading will remind you, bring you back to your connection with the Divine, and give you insight and inspiration.

FREE: one card pull emailed to you

(type "Spirit Animal Card" in the subject line)

Three-card spread via phone or Zoom: $54

Five-cards spread: $75

Seven cards spread; $99

ONGOING, Twice Monthly Group Gatherings and Readings, and much more

Ask me anything about yourself or your animal.

Free three to five-card spreads and discussions

when you join my membership, only $18 monthly.

See Membership Benefits.

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