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You are a blessing Diana, you are such a help to so many. May you always be surrounded by love and light. Thank you for your healing words.       
         Lisa Fredrickson, Naples, NY

End of Life and In-Spirit

Communication sessions
for Illness and Aging, End of Life, and In-Spirit


End of Life and In-Spirit

Illness and Aging

When our companions are aging or chronically ill, they can share what's important to them, what they need, and their thoughts about many things. One dog, for example, wanted his person to finish her book. I learned later the person had put her writing aside. Our animals know everything about us, and their wise loving insights put us at ease.

A communication session includes a body scan, chakra diagnosis, and healing at half price. 


Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 9.31_edited

What you did for me and Blaze was invaluable. You made the pain of letting her go just a little easier. Of course, I'm in deep pain now but I know that time heals all, and she is probably with me right now. I was amazed at how calm and peaceful she was when you climbed in the truck with her. You have an amazing connection with our little creatures. They respond to you with love. You must continue your work. It’s important for all of us that you are here doing what you do.                               Jacquie Dreager, Los Angeles,CA


A cat named Fred tells Diana Delmonte about his health

My cat Fred was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was always stressed out and worried about what to do for him. I’ll never forget that day on the upstairs deck when Dexter talked to Fred. She told me everything he was saying. It felt so real. I knew it because it sounded just like him. That day Dexter came over was the day I stopped worrying. It makes such a difference when you find someone who makes you really feel better. And she knew so much nutritionally, but most important from the cat’s point of view, which is what matters. Dexter knows more than the Vet! 

                                          Judy Parise, West Hollywood, CA

End of Life 

I provide compassionate support for both animals and their people at the end of life. I help animals to peacefully transition when they are ready, and I help people to accept, let go, and find closure during this difficult time. I also offer meditation to ensure that our thoughts, resistance, and attachments don't influence our animal companion's passing. With an open heart, we can see the blessings during this time, and ultimately grow stronger from our losses and not shut down. After all, keeping our hearts open is the gift our animals give us.


End of life telepathic communication

Diana’s insight into our beloved cat Dante, 17 years, allowed us to be here embracing him as he took his last breath. Dante told Dexter that he wanted no more needles, pills, or Vet visits. That he would stop eating and call out to us when he was ready to go. We can not tell you how much Dexter helped us. We were in such despair. Exactly as she had said, Dante cried a loud meow, beckoning us to his side, and we held him next to our hearts as he left us.   

                                     Sally Marr and Peter Dudar, West Hollywood, CA


What dying animals tell us

Thank you so very much for communicating with Ninou and letting me know what he feels. This has been very very helpful to me and I cannot thank you enough. Ninou has been giving me tremendous love these days––cuddling on every occasion and purring soon as he feels my hand on him. It is true that my ‘duties’ always come first, and I have always come last in my own priorities. I thank Ninou for reminding me of what is important, and I thank you for imparting his message. I will miss him tremendously, but I have been working on myself for a while on letting go. Intellectually I am fine, but at times my heart does not want to accept it.

Peace and love. Yatrika Shah-Rais, Los Angeles



A dying dog's

Ciaran's physical ailments would take him down a long road of operations, amputations, medications, chemotherapy, and radiation. There were many moments that made it all worth it. 

When we thought Ciaran's life was nearing the end, we called Diana to ask him if he was ready to go. He had not gotten up for three days in a row, and I had to carry him outside twice a day to pee. Diana probed him with questions: Is it your time to go? Have you accomplished your goals? What was your purpose with us? Cairan became an open book and made us laugh.

Then he asked where his green toy was. We were stunned. We had taken his tennis ball away as we expanded our pack to four dogs and the ball became a point of contention. Diana had no way of knowing about this ball.

During Diana's healing, Ciaran fell into a meditative state, and we concluded it was his time. However, he told Diana he wasn't ready to go.

As we said our goodbyes, Ciaran surprised us as he stood up on his own [Ciaran had three legs]. I immediately brought him outside, but he didn't want to come back to the house. I got his tennis from the back of my truck and threw it to Ciaran. He literally sprung up, seemingly reversed age to his youth again, and chased the ball around the yard like a puppy. 

Cairan continued to play with his ball for another week. Diana's session gave Ciaran a burst of he was ready to go.                                                                                           Gabe Chiesa, founder of Farralone Farms Horse Rescue, Chatsworth


Dying animals hide their pain

"Your session with Morgan helped me with the decision about assisting him. I knew what needed to be done, but communicating with him through you gave me peace of mind, and although it was by no means easy it was at least more tolerable."                 

                                                                                                                                           Blessings, Tere Marquez

(NOTE: Morgan had held back his pain because he knew Tere wasn't ready to let him go. After the session, Morgan finally showed his anguish by tossing, turning, and whimpering through the night. Tere then knew what she had to do.)


Animal Communication

It was imperative that I speak to you. You helped realign my consciousness and brought peace and healing into the process, and I can't thank you enough for that. Sending healing energy to Dzogchen gave him peace. I only wish I had spoken to you sooner.

Dzogchen was an old hunting dog wandering the village for months before I rescued him. He had scars from abuse and a bullet lodged in his neck. I'm grateful that I could give him the love and life that he deserved. I felt like our souls were intertwined and that there were lessons

for both of us, especially me, to be revealed through this process to the end. 

Sensitive souls often suffer the most yet have the most to offer from the lessons learned along their personal journeys. You are doing that now––bringing healing to the world through the love and wisdom you've accrued on your journey. Thank you for being your authentic self and for doing what you do.                                                                                                            Stone Willow, Hawaii



In Spirit communications honor the spiritual connection between you and your animal and provide a compassionate and loving space for you to grieve and heal as you connect with your animal on a deeper level. Communicating with your departed animal can help you find peace and closure, allowing you to move forward with grace and gratitude and reflect on newly found purposes brought about by your animal's passing.

Through this service, you can receive messages and guidance from your animal
in spirit. They sometimes share what they are doing "on the other side," who helped them cross over, and their purpose in their person's life. Accepting our animal's passing, regardless of the external circumstances, letting go of guilt and blame, and finding the blessings our animals have left behind can open our hearts again and bring presence back into our lives.


telepathic communication with animals in spirit

Diana is a truly gifted soul that I was blessed to have found several years ago.  My first interaction with Diana came to be over my lost dog Maggie Poo.  The unmistakable evidence that was given, even though we were thousands of miles away from each other, was undeniable.  While we were never able to find Maggie, there was no mistake in Diana’s descriptions of nearby landmarks and where my dog had been.  I have no doubt that Diana went above and beyond doing everything possible to help.  

Next, came the loss of my husband.  Diana offered any help she could…from readings to the wonderful healings for myself.  

After Duke-e’s transition, I reached out to Diana just to check on my baby and make sure that he was doing ok.  The messages Diana brought through came from no one but my boy.  From his exact personality to the description of the person who helped him cross over, no doubt, his messages came through loud and clear. The gratitude I have for Diana is immense and I cannot recommend anyone more than her.  Diana is one amazing gifted soul with a heart of gold.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything––– Sharon Blakley, Tyner, KY


Animal communication with animals in the afterlife

Your reading confirmed what I knew in my heart; that Teddy resides in those moments of stillness and beauty, in my own heart. When I myself am still and can feel Teddy’s presence. I felt that you zeroed in on Teddy’s essence; when he wasn’t meowing in a strident manner, as he aged and had many complaints. That he was very centered, calm, kind of a rolly polly cat with great magnetic soulful eyes. He had a regal bearing. Thank you for your listening and compassion."

Gloria Hacker, Las Cruces, New Mexico


animal communication with departed cats


talking to animals in spirit


Black Cat

Years ago someone referred me to Diana and I've had her talk to my four cats in spirit.  Diana confirmed specific things about my cat that only I knew. I had seen a white butterfly in my yard the day after Angie died and although it caught my attention, I didn't think much of it. But when I asked Diana how I might know if Angie was leaving me a sign, Diana said she saw butterflies. Diana has never been to my house and saw my white kitchen table with Angie sitting next to me, as she always did. She saw the coconut milk I had given Frankie before he passed. I was surprised when Diana told me Dino playing with the sheets when I made the bed. Dino never came onto the bed unless I was fluffing the sheets, which he loved so much. I highly recommend Diana. It's reassuring to know she's really connecting to your animals. She's the person to go to.                                                                                    Lisa Ystrom                    


In-Spirit Telepathic Communication with Diana Delmonte

When my dog Arlo died unexpectedly at only six years old I was thrust into a deep grief unlike anything I’d ever experienced. My session with Diana was such a profound part of my healing process. I had no doubt she connected with Arlo as he told her details that she couldn’t have otherwise known. And the sentiments and information he shared were both surprising to hear as well as very in alignment with my spiritual development and life journey. Diana has a true gift, not only in connecting with animal spirits but the way in which she analyzes and communicates the information she receives. I’m so grateful she was recommended to me and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to heal, understand, or simply connect with a departed pet.  Lara Golen

Book for End of Life
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