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Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle Cards and Animal Communication Books

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The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle aspires to overcome and clear away the inconsistencies of our fluctuating personal opinions, ideas, projections, judgments, and negativities that cloud our clear sight, shape our reality, and create confusion and suffering in our lives. The messages from the Spirit Animals are universal and speak to the heart. At the heart center, there is only one universal truth, one Being, one Divine spark. The recognition of this is the truth of who and what we are

The Oracle cards help us to return to the Source. They help us to reconnect, realize, and navigate from a higher vibration and presence, our true nature, absent of the ego-mind. Combined, are Kundalini Yoga meditations that raise our consciousness, vibration, and create a harmony and greater awareness within our body, mind, and spirit. In this balance, we cultivate a neutral mind and master our thoughts and emotions to ride the ups and downs.

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Using animal communication while creating these cards, I “sat” with each animal to feel their Divine essence and their spiritual contribution to humankind. I have intuited and interpreted what I sensed to be the collective message and insight of the individual species.

More animal communication books and oracle cards can be found on Diana’s website.

The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle helps us navigate from a higher vibration.

Books and Oracle Cards are available to support your journey.

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