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Thank you for contributing, or considering submitting a story, to the Animals in the Afterlife book!

Topic 1 -Animals in Spirit, main topic

Submit a story about how your departed animal may have contacted you somehow in spirit. Perhaps you heard their footsteps, got a glimpse of them, you felt them on your bed or against your leg. Or maybe you received a sign, written on a billboard, a license plate, or a rare bird or animal appears in your backyard when you think of them. Maybe they delivered a message in a dream.

Reincarnation?                                                                  Perhaps you have an animal who has undeniable characteristics of your departed animal. Explain how. 

Topic 2 -- Blessings

I'm also looking for stories about the blessings your animals may have left you after they passed. How has your life positively been impacted?  Have they left you with something to aspire to? Perhaps you've learned how to become more patient or compassionate, less judgmental, or more present. Or, perhaps they steered you down another path or career change? For example, one depressed person decided to volunteer at a shelter and afterwrd began fostering dogs at her home. The woman found a new purpose in her life that she wouldn't have found if her dog hadn't passed.  

  •  Deadline: The book is 3/4 done, but will still need proofing and editing. I am far  along into the book and inserting stories now.


  • Can you write a story for both topics?  Yes!


  •  Word count:  1,200 words or less

  • Please type Afterlife Story in the subject line so I don't gloss over your email. 

  • Don't forget to Title your story, and include your credentials, whatever you want after your name.

  • Will I hold the copyright to your story? Will you be able to print it elsewhere?   I am self-publishing and have no hold whatsoever, and yes, you can print your story anywhere you'd like. If you'd like this in writing, see my release agreement at the end. I can insert your name and email this to you, signed and dated.  Let me know.

  • If you don't receive a confirmation from me within 48 hours after you've submitted your story,  this means I did not recieve it. Please email me again!

More about the book

The book covers a lot of information and has six sections, several different topics.


There’s a lot of science-backed information I’ve thrown in—quantum theories that support the idea of consciousness and the afterlife, for example.

I don’t want a “woo woo” book that is easily criticized by skeptics (although, skeptics will always criticize).


The first part addresses consciousness and telepathy. I explain about animal communication, the four Clairs, intuition, etc. And there are exercises thrown in, here and there.


There’s a section for animals in transition, where I have some examples of my conversations with dying animals; what they’ve told me, their purpose in their person’s life, what they’d like, etc.


There are practical resources, meditations, and helpful practices at the end to cope with grief.


There’s a part for “visitations” where most people’s stories will fit in.


However, some people have submitted stories that had nothing to do with animals or were about animals still living who delivered messages through dreams, for example.

Even though these stories weren’t related to the subject theme of the book (Dr. Bernie Siegel mentions his near-death experience, for example), they are great stories, so I created more chapters to fit these stories in.


I wasn’t planning, for example, to write much about reincarnation, because aside from a few personal experiences, I’m not an “expert” on this topic, and I don’t offer this in my in-spirit sessions with clients.

But since 5 or 6 stories are about reincarnation, Penelope Smith’s story in particular,  I created a chapter on reincarnation.


The universe is guiding and directing the book, and it’s expanding in ways I hadn’t thought of!


Originally, I had planned to group all the stories in one section. But as I said, because of the diversity of topics I’m getting, I'm interspersing stories throughout the book, where they best fit in.


I’m also collecting stories from people from all backgrounds, not just communicators, so the book illustrates how anyone can receive messages from their loved ones in spirit.



What I don't want:

1. Sessions you’ve done with a client

2. Someone else’s (your client for example) story

3. Things another communicator may have told you about your departed animal.


I only want your personal story of an animal in spirit.


One person (not a communicator) wrote about hearing knocks in her closet, and that an animal communicator told her it was her cat.

I’m not using that story.  I only want the person’s direct experience.



I, Diana Delmonte, the author, surrender copyrights and ownership of Jane Doe's story, My Baby Girl, for its submission in my book, Between Worlds and Beyond.

I grant Jane Doe permission to publish his/her story about his/her cat, Baby Girl, wherever he/she wants, and before the publication of Between Worlds and Beyond.

Contact me with any questions!
The phone is always turned off, so email is best. 
Thank you!  Looking forward to reading your stories! 

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