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Thank you! You are really such a wonderful healer!!!  God bless you.

Jane Hepburn, Los Angeles 

Diana and Horse


Diana is a Reiki Master III, a certified Quantum-Touch and EFT practitioner, and a spiritual healer initiated in the Andean shaman tradition of Peru. She has also trained and worked with Jude Unegbu, a West African shaman and world-renowned healer, and is a certified remote viewer, Kundalini Yoga instructor, and Buddhist meditation teacher. With this extensive background, Diana is able to provide powerful and effective healing for both humans and animals.


An Energy Healing combines sound (gongs and bells), tuning forks, or aromatherapy to take you into a deep, relaxed state. Healing happens on multiple levels when you are fully relaxed, in a state of surrender, love, acceptance, and integration with your body. If requested, I clear the auric field and chakras with a powerful Andean Shamanic healing. 

Smudging with sage and palo santo to clear stuck energy
The Mesa, or traveling Shaman's altar

For distance healing, I'll email a complimentary guided healing meditation audio recording for you to listen to before or during the healing. Deep relaxation helps the body be receptive to energy and facilitates healing. During the guided meditation, you'll send light to specific areas that need physical or emotional healing and send this light outward to others as you mentally repeat affirmations. During your meditative state, I'll send you the healing energy. I do distance healing for people and animals on Zoom.

The Energy Healing Session includes a Psychic Body Scan. I don't diagnose, and healing should not replace a medical diagnosis. I sense physical blockages and give intuitive assessments based on what I feel in the body and view as I scan the organs. For animals, I feel pain in the body and whatever they are feeling. An entire session also includes a Chakra Diagnosis, which confirms the scan results, assesses the organs' physical condition and locates and confirms pain in the body. The chakra reading will also reveal energetic blockages in the body and often the emotional root causes behind behavioral problems. Both of these services are also offered stand-alone. 














Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for animals and people
Dowsing for emotional or physical issues

I use the Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT), a powerful energy-healing of tapping meridians on the body while simultaneously repeating statements that can release fear and other sticky emotions held on a cellular and subconscious level. The physical or psychological ailment disappears or lowers considerably once the emotional underlying cause is acknowledged and accepted. We can't let go if we don't know what we're holding on to.


Tuning forks are another vibrational sound modality that balances and profoundly penetrates the body relieving pain and producing deep states of relaxation for the body and mind. An Energy Healing session also includes tuning forks.

I use a pendulum to validate my body scans. Dowsing locates pain in the body and can point to stressed organs. A Chakra Diagnosis can reveal emotional blockages that may contribute to physical imbalance or illness. Illness originates in the auric and subtle energy fields around the body. The body's energy system flows again, and healing begins once the emotional root cause is identified and cleared. A Chakra Diagnosis is included in the Energy Healing Session and offered as a stand-alone.

Aside from combining and employing whatever I intuitively feel will benefit each person, the most beneficial "technique" is to get out of the way and allow Divine energy and guidance to flow through. A "healer" is only a vessel to funnel the energy flow; when the body relaxes, the mind often drifts into an Alpha or Theta brain wave where one's frequency is raised, creating the natural healing environment. I set an intention, say a prayer, and step aside.

healing for animals



Testimonial for animal healing

Thanks to you Cheuy is alive. The Vet had said he was in pain and gave him morphine! Cheuy did not improve. He did not eat for two days. I told the Vet that you said it was his stomach, and that Chewy felt extremely nauseous. They gave him fluids, did a blood test and gave him anti-nausea medication. He went home and ate and drank. They never found out what was wrong with him, but he is getting better every day.  You saved his life!“

                                 Lila Henry, Boise, Idaho


testimonial for physical animal healing

My cat Katie has kidney disease. Since Dexter has been working with her she is less depressed. Her health is stable, and she is more affectionate, more active and climbing around more than she has in quite a while. I appreciate every moment that I have with her. She is a treasure, and Dexter’s working with her has helped her health. Thank you for all you do for Katie and me. 

You are a blessing to many people. You have a gift.

                                                        Diane Carson Huff, Azuza, CA


How energy healing helped Bella who couldn't walk

My dog Bella couldn't walk. The Vets said she may have slipped or ruptured a disc in her spine. They put her on pain medication, muscle relaxants, and steroids. After a very powerful and healing morning with Dexter, there was a 360% turn around with Bella. She is walking and looking more herself again. I stopped the pain meds, and am cutting the muscle relaxants in half. She now has clarity in her eyes.

                                              Elaine Tse, Camarillo, CA



 Tabby is an 18-year-old tuxedo cat. For the past 9 months his health deteriorated. He developed presbyopia, inability to jump in high places, kept walking clockwise, and had weak muscle mass wherein he would fall sideways constantly. Each month he got worse and worse. The vet said he had a neurological condition. If we left him alone, Tabby would have stopped moving and lose his appetite for good. Fortunately, he retained an excellent appetite. In the past 9 months, there have been changes in my life. My fiancé moved in with me, which led to changes in Tabby's mood and overall health. 


I reached out to Diana to help me out with Tabby's problem. I had a healing session for Tabby. Within 24 hours, Tabby was more active and communicative. Although he continued to walk clockwise, his muscle mass improved, and he was able to jump on the couch and climb small steps. Eight hours after the heaing, I found him sitting in his little chair we have placed on top of our kitchen counter; Tabby's favorite chair that he stopped siting in because he could no longer jump.  He's walking more and falling down less often. Tabby is still 18 and getting older, but he is more active. I will be consulting Diana again for another healing session to improve his physical well being.

                               Laila Vergara, Los Angeles, CA



How energy healing helped a dog with nightmares and howling

Lucky was howling and having nightmares at least once a week. Not spayed, Lucky was also having a pseudo-pregnancy. Her person, Jennifer, explained that Lucky had taken several of her stuffed toys, placed them on the bed, and would not let anyone near them. She sat on them every night. Her teats were even filled with milk. When I visited Lucky, she seemed very depressed. After the healing session, Jennifer wrote:

It was so wonderful to meet you and to have you in our home. Lucky is doing very well and no more nightmares thanks to you. After you left, Lucky's pseudo-pregnancy disappeared. She seems happier. We look forward to seeing you again!

                                                Jennifer Oh, West Los Angeles



No one wants to live with a wild animal. Unfortunately, no one wanted Louise, so I kept the two-month-old feral kitten, rescued off the streets in South Los Angeles.                                                 

Louise's eyes became sick with an upper respiratory disease when she was six months old. Her eyes and nose dripped, she was lethargic, sneezing, coughing, and could barely breathe with severe congestion. There was nothing I could do as I couldn't get near her. I immediately sent healing energy to her from another

How energy healing tamed a feral cat

room and continued two to three times a day, for three days. The first day Louise stopped sneezing. The second day she stopped coughing. By the third day, she was playing, but she was still congested. Every time I ran energy, she started to breathe normally.

This is what amazed me; every time I sent energy to Louise, she came to me, nuzzled her face in my hair, knocked mine with hers, and gently caressed my hands. She purred, pushed against my chest, cuddled in my lap, and stayed for the duration of the healing, then left. Louise jumped on my lap each time I began sending healing and transformed into an affectionate, gentle dom (domestic).

Once healthy, she resorted back to her feral nature. Although Louise will always be wild at heart, she demonstrated love and gratitude and showed me that healing energy can work miracles.    


Energy Healing can ease the dying process, make the animal more relaxed, alleviate pain, increase appetite, and help the animal to live more comfortably for a while longer. Healing can also clear and balance the animal if they absorb our thoughts, influencing their emotions and attachments around living and dying.


Energy Healing can ease the dying process, make the animal more relaxed, alleviate pain, increase appetite, and help the animal to live more comfortably for a while longer. Healing can also clear and balance the animal if they absorb our thoughts, influencing their emotions and attachments around living and dying.


Energy Healing can ease the dying process, make the animal more relaxed, alleviate pain, increase appetite, and help the animal to live more comfortably for a while longer. Healing can also clear and balance the animal if they absorb our thoughts, influencing their emotions and attachments around living and dying.


Energy Healing can ease the dying process, make the animal more relaxed, alleviate pain, increase appetite, and help the animal to live more comfortably for a while longer. Healing can also clear and balance the animal if they absorb our thoughts, influencing their emotions and attachments around living and dying.


healing gives a dying dog more energy

Before Diana came to see Tiny, I believed he was ready to leave us. His energy was spent, and the sparkle in his eye had left.  I was saddened by his drastic change in spirit. When Diana arrived, Tiny took all the bit of energy he had to get up and greet her, which he hadn't done in days for anyone. It's as if he knew she was here to help him.

Diana worked with Tiny for a good hour the first day, and the obvious difference in Tiny was exponential. He finally began getting up, eating again, and had energy to go out and lay in the sun which he enjoyed.

Diana came by a couple of times more which continued Tiny's improvement. We are thrilled that Diana was able to give us Tiny back for the next couple of months.         Ursula, Farralone Farms Horse Rescue


Energy healing can provide quality of life for an animal at the end of life

Immediately when Duke-e became ill, I reached out to Diana for help in seeing what was really going on with him and to request that she perform some healing on him.  Without fail, Diana offered the undeniable evidence that Duke-e had some abdomen, possibly kidney issues going on and offered several ideas on how to help him.  Diana’s suggestions helped him continue several more months’ worth of ball playing.  Sharon Blakey, KY.

Body Scans or Internal Viewing
for Emotional or Physical Issues

Internal viewing can provide important information for veterinarians and help you to understand how your animal is feeling. I can feel what's going on in the animal's body and may interpret those feelings as blockages, swelling, pain, respiratory, etc., but I don't diagnose. Please get an exam and diagnosis from the vet. My findings should not replace the expertise of a medical doctor.
*For animals nearing their transition, a body scan can help determine whether an animal is suffering or how severe the pain is.


A psychic body scan targets a cat's aggression

 Murray wouldn't let anyone in his house, and I would be caring for him soon when his person was away. He lunged at people and sometimes attacked his own person because he was so afraid. I was nervous every time I had to walk past him. He hissed and was ready to lash out. Most of all, I felt so bad that he was afraid. Diana asked Murray how he felt when others entered his home, didn't hear anything, so she scanned his body. Diana said she felt suffocated, that Murray felt he couldn't breathe. His throat and heart chakra were completely closed. She said he felt vulnerable and terrified and went into panic mode. Diana did remote healing and communication with Murray. The very next morning I was able to walk past Murray four times and do what I needed to. Murray sat in his window seat, as Diana asked him to, just a few yards away watching me, as Diana had also asked him to do. Thank you! Murray feels safe, and I think he and I are going to become good friends.      Jane


A psychic bodyy scan percieved future energy targeting an ailment that would manifest six months later

Wow! I just took Emma to the vet for a check-up. SIx months ago Diana had done a communication with Emma. Emma had lunged through my living room window when she saw someone walking their dogs past my apartment. Emma had severely cut her muscles and tendons in both front legs and had a long recovery time ahead of her. At that time, Diana had picked up pain in her bottom right jaw. I didn't think much of it, and actually thought she was wrong. Now, six months later, the vet confirmed that Emma had an infected tooth located in her bottom right jaw. Amazing!   Marisol Crisostomo-Roma


Teaser’s belly kept filling with fluid. Multiple tests were taken. The vet ruled out heart problems and cancer, and didn't know what was wrong with my kitty. Diana felt nausea, headache and a burning sensation in Teaser’s midriff area. She scanned the organs and was drawn to the liver and pancreas. She suggested I get another opinion elsewhere. Teaser saw another vet, who finally diagnosed him with liver cancer. I'm so glad I consulted Diana.      Charlene 


Black Cat

Teaser’s belly kept filling with fluid. Multiple tests were taken. The vet ruled out heart problems and cancer, and didn't know what was wrong with my kitty. Diana felt nausea, headache and a burning sensation in Teaser’s midriff area. She scanned the organs and was drawn to the liver and pancreas. She suggested I get another opinion elsewhere. Teaser saw another vet, who finally diagnosed him with liver cancer. I'm so glad I consulted Diana.      Charlene 


A psychic body scan can provide useful information for your vet visit

I just got the blood test results back, and they point to the exact pain areas that Diana mentioned when she did her body scan for my guinea pig, Fifi!!

                              Magdalena, Van Nuys, CA

EFT and Vibrational Healing

About Me

I recommend EFT (emotional freedom technique) for separation anxiety, aggression, or trauma. After only thirty minutes of tapping on a dog terrified of the breeze coming through the windows, we opened the windows, and the dog didn't flinch. The dog had been rescued,  I learned later, from Hurricane Katrina. EFT is a powerful and effective way to wash away fear on a cellular level bringing relief and peace to the animal. And it's an excellent accompaniment for healing or a behavioral session, as it works on a core level with rapid results.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for animals
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be done in-person and remotely

Emotional Freedom Technique is a highly effective and easy energy healing you can do with your animal companion. When we tap on these specific areas of the body, we stimulate meridians, and deep-seated trauma, negative, fearful feelings, and emotions, repressed or otherwise, are released from the body, creating changes in the attitude, mind states, behavior, and physical ailments. I've seen aggressive behavior turn around after only 20 minutes of tapping.

EFT is most beneficial following an animal communication session. After determining the emotional root cause or underlying emotions behind the behavior, I have an anchor or place to start. For example, we might begin tapping on fear. As we tap, other issues may surface taking our phrases in a different direction. Often the person may be contributing to the existing problem, and I tap with the person to balance everything out. For example, after tapping on a woman holding a tremendous amount of grief over the death of her former dog, her puppy's snapping stopped the next day.

For this reason, tapping on both you and your animal is ideal. Behaviors such as extreme aggression or separation anxiety may require two or three sessions. I will always give you a written protocol after our initial session so you can continue the reinforcement tapping. We usually see improvement, if not a complete change, after the first session. EFT works well over Zoom, where you tap your animal with me.

Vibrational Healing using Tuning Forks

Coco's legs are weak; her foot buckles as she's walking and she often topples over. After the first session with Diana's tuning forks, Coco {an aging Pit Bull} hasn't fallen.
Christopher, Los Angeles

Using Tuning Forks to heal the body
My cat, O'Henry, looked forward to his healing sessions with Tuning Forks.

Tuning forks can help restore harmony to the body's energy system. They produce a single note or a specific sound frequency; when struck, their arms move in and out rapidly (hundreds or thousands of times per second). This vibrational wave pattern makes a sound. These sound vibrations can penetrate deep into tissues and muscles, relieving joint pain, reducing inflammation, and relaxing tense muscles. The stimulation of body tissue can improve blood circulation. The resonance of the sound frequencies can also lower blood pressure and boost the immune system.

Tuning forks can be highly effective for those suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injuries. Each fork's frequency targets specific ailments; some are applied directly onto the body, while others sweep over the body, clearing the auric field or putting one into deep meditative states. 

Animals love them. Animals are highly receptive to non-invasive, subtle energies, as with all energy healing modalities. 


Using EFT with cats remotely.

About Me

Diana helped me untangle a very upsetting behavior issue between my two cats, in an insightful, compassionate and effective way. We tapped on my cat, Pinky, and on myself. She helped me discover and focus on my own issues that reflected and influenced my cats' behavior and provided a handle for resolving them, both in me and with them. The results of her communications and EFT with my cats are astonishing as both the cats and I are relaxing and working towards resolution.  

                                                   Lauren Alexander, Anthens, Greece


After a session using EFT with an aggressive PitBull, Stella stopped growling and snapping

About Me

Stella’s doing really well after we tapped on her!! She follows me everywhere, is always on me, and seeks attention/affection. She’s wagging her tail too!  Once in a while, she’ll do something she shouldn’t but whatever it is, she realizes immediately that she did something bad and is much easier to correct in general. She’s coming out of her shell and trusting us more and has even started snuggling, which she never really did. 

Misty Beckenbach, NYC


How EFT helped a blind greyhound with multiple behavior issues.

About Me


Without any growls from Nate, I've opened the drawer and closet door 3 times over the last few weeks.  I am so grateful for your help {tapping} with Nate and am feeling so much more comfortable in my relationship with him. 

Lucy Whiddon, NC


Tapping (EFT) with a dog named Charlie helped him to become more affectionate toward his people.

Well, Charlie’s energy has changed since our tapping session! I mean, he still occasionally gets up to move if one of us pets him but we are all respectful of the fact that he just might not want to be petted at that moment. But he's more into letting us pet him at certain times and more affectionate! Which is awesome!  Thank you!  

Lara Golan, CO

Healing for people
Diana at BT Healing_edited_edited_edited


You are a miracle worker!
  Sandy Smith, Glendale, CA

While you were doing Reiki, I felt a pulsating in my (injured) arm. Each time the pulsating seemed to rise and get very intense, as though you were bringing the pain to the surface and sucking it out. This went on for a while. After you stopped the treatment, the pain was gone.

I have never felt anything like this before. You have a powerful gift.              You are a healer.            

   Giorgio Calevaro, Venice, CA

Energy Healer, Diana Delmonte in Malibu, CA

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Very accurate body scan! Woke up in the night with heavy chest pain and constriction and in a.m. had diarrhea and was so weak had my husband take me to ER! They gave me an EKG!! And gave me the results of the blood work I did yesterday. All organs are fine! Everything you picked up was right on! More proof of the accuracy level of your scans!       Thank you, my friend!  Thank you so much!!!                 

Maria, Boulder, CO.

Diana Delmonte doing energy healings at an event in Malibu, CA

"It was like a miracle. My pain first

increased and then disappeared

completely while you were sending

healing to me. No heartburn yesterday.

You have done such incredible work

on me because you helped me to

open my heart chakra. I feel like a

different person. Now, I am not afraid

(about my health), where I was terrified

before. I am asking what my body is

trying to tell me. OH, and this time both

cats were in the room. Ronnie busted the door open just as you were starting to do the relaxation. She is usually very Bad, and I thought I would have to throw her out.

Instead, she climbed up in a chair and went to sleep. My other cat never moved. We were so cozy, and it was really peaceful. Thank you so much for the sessions."

                                      Samantha Robins, San Jose, CA

Book a Healing
Diana Delmonte, yogini and animal communicator

Spiritual Names

Dharamjeet, Diana’s yoga name, means the Princess/Lioness of God whose personal victory to overcome all challenges in life is experienced when she vibrates in harmony with the path of righteousness.


Byakko is Diana’s Zen Buddhist name. It means White Light. 


Spiritual names were given by the Golden Bridge Yoga teachers; Gurmukh, Gurushabd, Teg, and Harijiwan, upon Yoga teacher certification, and by Reverend Ryugen Watanabe, Osho, during Jukai Zen initiation at the Kanzeonji Zen Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles.


The purpose of spiritual names is to nurture our spiritual development so that we can aspire to and grow into the meaning of the names, as spiritual names carry a

high vibrational frequency.

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