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If you are ever looking for an animal communicator for ANY reason, may I, with all my heart, suggest Diana.                        
                       Nancy Ort
, Bellefonte, PA 

Animals are sentient beings who want and deserve to be heard and understood. I work to facilitate communication between humans and animals and provide energy

and vibrational healing for both.

Energy healing for animals

I use telepathy to resolve behavior problems and converse with animals at the end of life, and in spirit.  Energy and vibrational healing help to dismantle deep-rooted or reactive behaviors and trauma..

Diana Delmonte has a chat with a llama at the Wild Life WayStation in Los Angeles


Animal communication is a communion with the soul of another species where thoughts, feelings, and emotions are exchanged telepathically It is truly, as Eckhart Tolle says, the realization of oneself, which is love. There is only one Divine heart, one Divine consciousness. Animal communication is the conscious and willing intention of trust. It is consciousness "speaking" to consciousness.

I can't thank Diana enough, nor can I fully express my appreciation and awe at her incredible talent, passion, integrity, and loving intent for animals.  
Neisha Warner, Los Angeles

Diana Delmonte communicating with Big Tiny

Diana is not available from April 7 - 19, as she'll be taking a brief writing sabbatical. You can still book a session in advance or submit a story for her book. 
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General and Behavioral

Animals stay happy and healthier when their feelings and thoughts are expressed and understood. The reason for odd, aggressive, or destructive behavior can be emotional or physical. A session will determine whether the "behavior problem" results from pain, physical illness, emotions, or a mirror of you. I thoroughly dialogue with the animal and translate their opinions, needs, and feelings to you. If the issue is a mirror, I help you probe deeper within yourself to make the necessary psychological and spiritual shifts. 

Animal Communicator Diana Delmonte with Bucky on his last day


Accepting our animal's passing, regardless of the external circumstances, letting go of guilt and blame, and finding the blessings our animals leave behind can open our hearts again and bring presence and deep peace into our lives. I help animals pass peacefully, and their people let go. Before passing, animals share their last requests, and as with In-Spirit sessions, they share their purpose with you and what they want you to know. I offer support and help keep the heart open during the grieving process.


For People and Animals

Energy and vibrational healing promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for animals and humans. Energetic healing clarifies the auric and subtle energy fields around the body where negativity can become trapped, and illness manifests. One doesn't have to be ill to benefit from healing. A session can alleviate pain, lift depression, blockages, and stress, and restore balance, harmony, and deep relaxation, especially for animals at the end of life. 

Healing for Auggie, a deaf Frenchie with severe leg challenges
Animal Communication workshops deepen your relationships with animals and open your heart to all life.


Animal Communication is a process of becoming more aware of our natural abilities; the images and thoughts in our mind, the feelings in our bodies, and trusting our inner knowing or intuition. Anyone can learn this skill. Animal communication is the groundwork that makes communication with all life possible. It opens the heart and increases one awareness, empathy, and compassion and so changes the way in which we experience and interact with the world around us.


Diana is a modern-day mystic, author, presenter, and renowned animal communicator for over twenty years.


She is a psychic, intuitive, medium for animals in spirit, and empath, and is sought for her expertise in locating lost animals and resolving challenging behavior problems, such as inappropriate urination, aggression, and trauma-based issues.



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Diana is not available from April 7 - 19,
as she'll be taking a brief writing sabbatical.
You can still book a session in advance

or submit a story for her book. 
Click "books" in the site menu

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