The most important aspect of my work is bringing wholeness and healing to my clients, both humans, and animals. Coming into balance and clarity are the gifts our animals give us. My job is to guide you along the journey. By understanding what animals are telling us through their behavior or absence, sometimes through their health or aging, we are able to look at ourselves and grow in all areas of our lives. Our animals are little mandalas bringing us back to wholeness. Our animal companions also need to realign themselves emotionally, mentally and physically. As an

About Diana's service  

animal communicator, I can give animals a voice, a chance to be heard and understood. This is the first step to healing.   I am honored to be of service to animals. Listening to animals has allowed me to experience the depth of their thoughts and feelings, and to create a greater awareness between humans and their animal companions. Animal Communication is the groundwork that makes communication with all life possible. All we have to do is learn to listen. My service and commitment to helping animals are both spiritual and political. Practicing ahimsa (nonviolence) I adhere to an organic vegan diet and vegan lifestyle.

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