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What is Animal Communication


Animal communication is much more than just talking to animals. It is a powerful bridge between humans and animals, allowing us to understand each other deeply, find peace, and listen to and understand animals' feelings and thoughts. Through telepathic communion, I can help resolve challenging behavior problems, help you know what your animals need at the end of life, and communicate with those who have passed away. Listening to animals has changed my life, opened my heart, and helped me cultivate patience, presence, happiness, and compassion. I'm honored to serve you in these ways.


Telepathy is a Holistic Language of the Soul

     There's a saying: a picture tells an entire story. Our thoughts come wrapped in a ball of feelings, emotions, and images thrown at us simultaneously. We process all of this in a flash. We learn to be more aware of this process when we practice animal communication. We can sense another's vibe, feelings, and emotions and feel another's energy. We always perceive, receive, and emit vibrations and process them, even when not speaking. Vibrations and waves make up the universe and our consciousness.

What is consciousness?


Aside from the definition of being awake and aware of one's surroundings, more profound scientific studies state that consciousness or mind is nonlocal and not in the brain. Consciousness permeates the universe, limitless, indestructible, and interconnected with everything.


Telepathy is a holistic language of the soul because it involves all our senses simultaneously and is the universal language of all species.


So what is animal communication? 

The heart's language speaks to another being's soul or consciousness. Everything alive has consciousness. Animal communication is the groundwork that makes communication with all life possible because when you experience this silent language with another sentient being, your heart opens to all life forms, your compassion and empathy increase, and your relationship with everything around you deepens. Once you walk through the door, there's no turning back.

Animal communication is the telepathic exchange of emotions, words, and feelings. With practice, we learn to become more aware of our visual and auditory thoughts and stop dismissing our feelings. Animals think in pictures and see the images behind our thoughts and words. They're psychic. And the good news is, so are we. Telepathy is as natural as breathing and continually operating in our lives. You're already sending and receiving thoughts with your animals; this ability is so natural you're unaware of it happening. Consider when your animals know you're taking them to the vet and hide; your dog waits by your front door before you even grab the leash or the food bowl when you've thought about feeding him. They've heard your thoughts, or perhaps you have heard theirs. Miles away, your animal has seen the image of home as soon as the thought form of home enters your mind. 

Belief and intention are critical components in animal communication. With the double-slit experiment, modern science has found that our observations, intention, and belief determine the outcome. We dialogue with an animal with the same intention and focus as we do when conversing with one another. It's no different. The interchange of thoughts is the same as with a person. It just takes practice.

How Does Animal Communication Work?

In the new school of Quantum Physics, the universal field is thought to be held together by vibrating waves of energy, bouncing to and from each other in a boundless interplay of communication. Quantum theory states that atoms comprise all matter, living creatures, and creation. All life is connected and communicating, even at great distances. Our thoughts are waves and carry vibrations. Vibrations are boundless and are sent, felt, and received by all life forms.

Everything is energy

Physicists have found we are part of the larger whole, the Quantum field, the Creative intelligence pervading all that is. We are "all one."  Separation is an illusion created by the mind. 

Telepathy is not only possible. It’s the innate, Divine intelligence that resides deep within all life. Telepathic communication transcends race, species, geographical location, languages, and even death. It’s the foundation of our language and with intentional application and conscious awareness, telepathy will someday be the communication of the future.

Can Anyone Communicate With Animals?
Yes, when we step out of our way and drop judgments and beliefs about animals. We must trust what we hear and see behind the ears and eyes and what we feel in our bodies. We drop expectations and be open to receiving on many levels. We are all mothers of intuition and complex communication able to develop our

innate abilities.

Diana Delmonte communicating with Hazel
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