"True communication   

is communion. The       realization of oneself 

which is love."
Echart Tolle

Animal communication is a communion with the soul of another species where thoughts, feelings and emotions are exchanged telepathically.


Animals think in pictures and see the images behind our thoughts and words. This is why your dog is waiting by your front door before you even leave the office. Miles away, your animal has ‘read’ your mind. 


Our animals see the image of home as soon as the thought form of home enters your mind. The language of animals is holistic, transcending words, encompassing emotion,

intention, feelings and intuition as well as pictures. When I communicate to an animal, information is absorbed on all these levels simultaneously. Therefore an image alone can hold an entire story. An animal communicator receives the “story” from your animal and interprets their thoughts into words for you. There is another aspect of animal communication beside hearing an animal's thoughts and sensing their energy. That is, a merging with the animal, to feel what they are feeling and to see through their eyes.



In the new school of Quantum Physics, the universal field is thought to be held together by vibrating waves of energy, bouncing to and from each other in a boundless interplay of communication. Quantum physicists have proven that atoms and molecules everywhere are constantly exchanging information with one another. All life is energy, connected and communicating. 


Physicists say we live in a holographic universe because we are part of the larger whole. We are not separate from, but contained within, this cosmic web, joined with one another and with all that exists, even at a distance. We are a part of the Quantum Field, the Creative Intelligence pervading all that is. 


Telepathy is not only possible, it is the universal language of all species because it is the innate, Divine intelligence that resides deep within all life. Telepathic communication transcends race, species, geographical location, and even death. It is truly the language of the future.



Thoughts are energy. Energy can be sent and received miles away, because it has no boundaries. All of us can feel  another's energy. With practice, we can feel it at greater distances away. For me, connecting to an animal is possible when my mind is relaxed and quiet, and as present as possible. I believe years of visual art and meditation set the foundation for the skills I have today. I have learned to sit long periods in silence and focused attention. In order to join with another being’s mind I connect with a presence much greater than myself (I imagine my consciousness rising up and out through the crown chakra). Then I am able to connect with the animal through the heart chakra. I stay present and relaxed to hear thoughts and see images (which seem to appear just above my physical eyes at the brow chakra,) and I validate my findings with physical sensations felt just above the navel (the solar plexus or third chakra.) In other words, I incorporate my whole body. Animal communicaton is a holistic language. When we step out of the way and drop judgments and beliefs about animals, we open to receive on many levels. We are all mothers of intuition and we are all complex beings of communication.