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Interspecies Communicator and Courses in Animal Communication

Dog Communication

Animal communication is becoming more aware of the pictures and thoughts in your mind and feelings in the body and trusting your inner knowing or intuition. You already have what it takes. But just as we don't hear what another is saying until we pay attention, we set an intention to dialogue with an animal.

As an interspecies communicator, I teach you how to become more aware of these innate abilities, which are so natural and subtle they often go unnoticed. Animals constantly communicate with us, and we hear them, but we may think their thoughts are ours.

Cat Communication
Cat Communication

Courses in animal communication will increase your intuition, awareness, understanding, and confidence. You will find your still spot to access a quiet mind without distraction quickly and learn how to differentiate between your thoughts and the animal's thoughts. Take a beginning intermediate workshop or advanced training to resolve behavior problems.

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