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 I give thanks for the peace in our household and credit Dexter with the miracle. She is blessed with a wonderful gift. "        

After one visit with Dexter, I had a much better understanding of what Misty needed and she began using her box again."   
Tyn Atol, Pasadena, CA
Misty isn't using her litter box

A large percentage of behavior problems mirror us. When we change, the animal's behavior changes. With these mirror cases, our animals reflect our unresolved issues and repressed emotions, and their behavior will not change unless we face ourselves, express and acknowledge our feelings, or become aware of what we're thinking.

My second book, Why You Should Listen When Your Animals Don't, addresses case studies of the many causes of behavior problems.


​When we face our fears and those things we may be avoiding and become balanced and happy, our animals become delighted too. Our animal companions are clever, complex beings capable of deep emotions and wisdom. The bottom line is they want us to become more present in our lives and more loving toward ourselves and others.

I've resolved many inappropriate peeing and pooping behaviors and have had success with separation anxiety, biting, aggressive behaviors, and many other issues that do not always reflect the person.​

I begin every behavioral session with a psychic body scan to feel what the animal is physically feeling. I'll assess energetic imbalances, or areas of discomfort or pain, and use a pendulum to validate and further determine energetic blockages that may contribute to the emotional root cause of the physical ailment or the behavior problem. After that and the initial communication session and your feedback, I continue a dialogue with your animal to resolve the issue. I include two follow-ups within two weeks.​​​

Payment is due before booking a session. There are no refunds after I've done the session.


​NOTE: I schedule in order as received; however, emergency calls or dying animal sessions take priority over behavioral problems.


After payment confirmation, you'll receive a .pdf with an information list to fill out, and you'll then email me your animal's photo along with the list. The exact list and photo also apply to in-person sessions. I'll usually use the photo to do the body scan remotely, alone, so as not to be distracted or influenced by the animal's appearance.

You'll also receive my three-step process explaining my approach.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Pee Wee and Veronica 

Fighting Cats

pee wee_edited

"I am a naturally skeptical person, so when I asked Diana to help me with my two fighting cats... I didn't really believe it would help. My cat Veronica won't let any other animals in the house since my two boxers died. She has driven one cat off and scratched everyone's dog that has come to visit. I felt that I would never be able to bring another animal into my home. I brought a little orphan kitten home, and the first time I introduced them, Veronica scratched a huge gash in the kitten’s ear. I was afraid to let them meet again. Dexter told my cat not to use her claws. Ten days later I let them meet again. Veronica batted the kitten around but I looked, and no scratches. This went on every day for a week. Veronica would bat the kitten, but never scratched her again

 Then, Dexter told me that Ronnie wasn't as mad as I thought so I decided for the first time I would let them be together. By the end of one day, Veronica was sleeping in a chair and the kitten was sleeping on the floor underneath her. The next day Veronica didn’t bat the kitten at all. I can’t explain it in any other way except for Dexter’s intervention. I think it is incredible. Now I feel I can leave them together when I am not at home.”    

Lucy Snowe, Joseph, Oregon



Separation Anxiety

Running Sakuki Dog

I couldn't even leave my dog Ghandi home for 1/2 hour. When I returned, it looked as though Edward Scissorhands had visited.  There would be stuffing from the new living room cushions everywhere. It was horrible. Ghandi would also go into a suitcase and pull out a bag of stuff, go into the bathroom and chew the lid of cleaning products and into my closet to chew my favorite shoes. I started crating him again, and when I got back he had turned over the water bowl, sprayed urine on the walls and bent the cage, and broke the hinges with his teeth! Today was another successful day. I was gone for about four hours. Everything was still in its place! NOTHING was even moved. The improvement is phenomenal

and this I attribute to you, your work, and what you have taught us. My dog Stella is relaxed for the first time ever since I've had Ghandi. Real progress. To see Stella relaxed and not worrying about Gandhi getting into trouble feels amazing. They're playing more and the happiest I've ever seen them. There have been big shifts all around.!!!! THANK YOU, Diana, you really are such a wonderful healer!!  God bless you!

                                                                                                                                                                                         Jane Hepburn, Los Angeles

Lavender and Blue

Urinating outside the box


My two cats, Lavender and Blue, urinated on the carpets for a long time. I finally called Diana for help. Diana first communicated with Blue, and Blue told Diana I was frantic, it made her nervous, and she didn’t like the tension in the house. Blue said my husband didn’t listen to me and felt bogged down! Diana suggested  I take time for myself and also tell my husband about my frustration when he travels for work and I’m left alone with our six-month-old baby. I did, and I started my yoga practice again, something that took away my stress and I loved but stopped doing. My cats’ behavior changed dramatically, peeing maybe once every five weeks instead of every day.  A few months later, I got a part-time job outside the house that I really liked, and the peeing stopped completely.  I never realized how my stress and holding back my feelings affected my cats, and am so grateful for Diana for figuring this out.

                                                                                                                                   Virginia, Canada


Severe Aggression Was All in Her Head


I was stunned. Not only did Diana reiterate details that only I would know, but she was also incredibly accurate with those details. Especially in speaking of Charlie, she told me he described the house from which he came. it matched the one described by the neighbors the night I found him; a corner house with a chain-linked fence and motorcycles on the lawn. Charlie told Diana of how the teenage boys next door hit his leg with a baseball bat and then it healed incorrectly. Sno-ball didn’t want Charlie in the house and complained that "he smells - his mouth smells!" Charlie had bad teeth!

After Diana's session with these two mortal enemies, they now sleep on the same bed with us at night, sit on either side of me while watching TV, and sometimes actually sniff each other with tolerance.     

The hardest but most interesting part of this (communication) experience was learning to train myself to think differently, to literally stop and redirect my thoughts, make a concerted effort to stay positive and not work from fear. Whatever we picture in our heads, the animals will pick up and act upon. This means that if I was to fear another fight and picture it in my head, the cats would "see" the fight and do it. If I were to picture them getting along, sleeping side by side, eating side-by-side, etc. then they would get that picture instead.   It took time, but it worked!            Neisha Warner, Los Angeles

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1_edited

Nate is really doing remarkably well.  Immediately after our Zoom, I didn't notice much change in the bathroom-trip growling behavior, but he now has 4 nights in a row, beginning this past Saturday, in which he didn't growl at me at all.  That is unprecedented. He has also maintained the other improvements;  specifically, he is not awakening in his "moved" bed {Nate is blind, pushes his bed around, falls asleep and when he wakes up, he's upset and growls} with growls and snarls. He has also been actually spending more time than before lying beside me and even lying on my feet (new behavior you asked him to do) when I'm working and has not growled at me when I've moved nor when I've petted him when he is lying by my work desk.  I have a generally "lighter" feeling with him and I'm really enjoying a sense of more affection from Nate. Thank you!


 Without any growls from Nate, I've opened the drawer and closet door 3 times over the last few weeks. I am so grateful for your help with Nate and am feeling so much more comfortable in my relationship with him. 

Lucy Whiddon, NC

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