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FRIDAY - SUNDAY  August 16 -18

SATURDAY and SUNDAY, August 24 & 25






If you want to deepen your relationships with animals and impact their lives, this course is for you. When you understand an animal's feelings and viewpoints and hear their needs and desires, you'll see them differently, and they'll react differently. 

Behavior problems are resolved when we listen to the animal's perspective.

Learn the universal language of all species, and discover how to develop your natural, God-given abilities. Anyone can learn this skill and, as a naturally born skeptic, I can easily show you how to recognize your doubts and blocks that took me a long time to overcome and share insights and techniques that took me years to learn.


Your world will never be the same.

Animals have a lot to say! They're often funny and know so much about you. They're delighted when you are willing to speak their language and they're happy and willing to communicate with us.


When we make the effort, the animals meet us all the way.


A door opens in your heart when you enter the silent language of the soul. And then, your awareness increases as you discover all life has consciousness and intelligence and can communicate with us. All species, nature too, share this universal language of telepathy, including us.


Telepathic communication is so natural, that we're not aware of how it operates in our everyday interactions with one another.


Animal communication is easier than you think. The workshop will give you the confidence, trust, and belief in yourself you need.  Anyone can communicate with animals. You'll become more aware of images and thoughts in your mind and feelings in your body. This is all animal communication is.  I show you how to become more aware of visual and auditory mental transferences (that we always have) so you can do so intentionally.

If you're willing to learn and open your heart, you've got what it takes.


Yes and no! This class is beginning/intermediate. I will support you where you are. Many advanced techniques are covered. However, the course is designed for all levels. Advanced students are welcome, too! It's always good to refresh, connect, and sharpen our skills. 


Former students take for 55% of the Early Bird rate!


This class was informative and wonderful, and I learned more than I expected to

— Diane Carson-Huff


This class was so good! Your insights were helpful, in how you taught us how to listen to ourselves and look at things from other perspectives. I am so grateful  — Justine Cohen


This class was awesome!  I got more training than I thought possible as a beginner— Dorrene Ross


You're an excellent teacher.  You're an amazing communicator, and at the same time, you're so warm and down to earth — Joni Ostrich


We have attended Diana's workshop teacher training with our deaf dog to assist her students with animal communication skill building. The results have been amazing. Diana has a gift and has helped many pets and pet owners resolve issues and gain deeper understanding while resolving problems. She is truly an amazing spirit.   Renee Dominique


Workshop includes:

  •  Certification of Completion

  •  22 hours of live split over two weekends

  •  Telepathic practice exercises in partners

  •  Telepathic communication practice with animals, both remote and with visiting   animals

  •  10-page detailed outline of program teachings

  •  2 audio Meditation MP3s to quiet the mind and to connect telepathically with   animals

  •  30 pages of supplemental and educational material

  •  Meditations and pranayam to energize and relax



  • Two additional hours Check-in to follow via Zoom, one month after the course has ended to share, Q & A, troubleshoot any issues arising, and additional coaching




FRIDAY August 16  10 am - 12:00 pm  Zoom Introductions and Course Foundation:

  • Introductions and short meditation 

  • Understanding what animal communication is, how it works, and how animals communicate 

  • Exploring the 4 Clairs and how they're used and applied to animal communication

  • Pranayama to jump-start your day

DAY ONE Saturday, August 17  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Calling in the Six Directions-prayer

  • Pranayama

  • Review from Friday

  • Meditations to quiet the mind and find the still-point

  • Sending and receiving telepathic exercises with partners 

  • Learn to sense energy using Clairvoyance (mental imagery) and Clairsentience (feelings)

  • Meditation and Pranayam

  • Gestalt exercise, seeing from the animal's eyes, (feeling and hearing) becoming the animal

  • Energy Scanning exercise; learning to read and sense energy remotely from photos​

  • Learning to Scan the animal's body

  • Practice scanning the body using photographs

  • Final Meditation​​

DAY TWO Sunday, August 18   9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

  • How to send thoughts to animals

  • How to receive thoughts from animals ​

  • Fine-tuning our skills; using all the Clairs––sending and receiving “thought balls”

  • Discussion --what is your strongest Clair?

  • Morning Practice with a live animal #1

  • Learning to interpret the information you receive

  • Overcoming doubt and blocks

  • Afternoon Practice with a live animal #2

  • Closing Meditation



DAY THREE Saturday, August 24    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Morning meditation and pranayama

  • Learning to trust what you receive

  • Practice with Live Animals #3 and #4

  • Meditation

  • Closing: Meet Your Spirit Guide


DAY FOUR Sunday, August 25  10:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Meditation and spirit-wisdom reading for each participant

  • Q&A

  • Finding Your Power Animal


BONUS-SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15   10:00 am - 12:30 pm 

  • Additional Coaching, Q&A, and Troubleshooting Session


There are no refunds, so make sure you want to register. If you must cancel, your tuition can be used toward a future workshop.



Three Monthly Payments

 at   $106

$ 295

**Registration CLOSES AUGUST 11**

Diana and Horse.png

How you presented the workshop was fascinating. I learned much more than expected; I learned to communicate with the animals and use inner power that I was unaware I had -- Gerda Z

The seminar was all that I hoped for. You are an  amazing person, very special, spiritual, and at the same time grounded and easy to relate to and understand. What  I liked most was your acceptance and encouragement. You create a safe and loving environment which I think caused all of us to relax and open our minds and hearts so we could learn -- Melissa

I thought it was amazing! Packed with info, well organized, and well worth the price. I especially appreciated yoga, packets, and overall spiritual feel of the workshop. Really helped tune in

--Shehera Mecellin

Excellent! I learned far more than I thought I would. I appreciate the depth of training. You certainly have a gift for teaching, and the course was so valuable.  Another benefit of the class is that I am more aware of people’s feelings. I have a deeper understanding of what people need when they talk.  Instead of just focusing on the words, I am sensing the emotion behind the words.  I feel like I have walked through a door into a new world and there is no going back (not that I want to) --  Susan Merrill, Ph.D.

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