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Oracle Cards

The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle is an incredible tool for your spiritual journey. This set includes 62 cards and a 270-page book to provide insight from Spirit Animals and help you reconnect and navigate from a higher vibration and presence. Included are Kundalini Yoga meditations that create greater harmony within body, spirit, and mind and cultivate neutrality to ride the ups and downs in life. Allow the Spirit Wisdom Animals to help deepen your awareness and guide you back to peace and balance.

"In this inspiring Oracle Deck, Diana has created a transformative tool for self-inquiry.,

“In this inspiring Oracle Deck, Diana has created a transformative tool for self-inquiry. Combining teachings from the loving spirit-wisdom of animals and powerful meditations, this uplifting deck will serve you as a guide along a genuine path of self-discovery”

        —DON JOSE RUIS, author of The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery

Diana Delmonte has created a unique deck of wisdom cards blending messages from spirit animals with the pronciples and practice of Kundalini Yoga.

“Diana Delmonte has created a unique deck of wisdom cards blending messages from spirit animals with the principles and practice of Kundalini Yoga. With this creative combination, you'll find guidance and inspiration that will support you on your spiritual path” STEVEN FARMER P.hD., author of Animal Spirit Guides and Earth Magic 

Diana’s deck is so powerful; bringing animal communication into my life on a deep, psychic, and spiritual level. The card descriptions seem channeled from a higher power. Diana is definitely tapped in, and the wisdom of the cards speaks for itself.              Justine Cohen, Los Angeles

Wow!!!! Beautiful and powerful energy felt from far!

  Belinda Chambers


The packaging and cards are lovely, the illustrations are beautiful and the accompanying text is brilliant. As a yogi and yoga teacher, there is the additional feature of a recommended meditation. Every time I pull a card or do a reading the answer appears. They are a great gift.                Siri Neel Khalsa, New Mexico


How To Use

The Spirit Wisdom Animal Cards

Spirit Wisdom Meets the Tarot

The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle with Kundalini Yoga Meditations




FROG, Transitioning Through Difficult Times


Why You Should Listen; How Your Animal's Behavior and Health Mirror Who You Are, by Diana Delmonte
Ku Ku Zen, How a Big Meow Changed the Direction of my Life
Psychic Communication With Animals Essential Handbook, by Diana Delmonte
-Foreword by Dr. Bernie Siegel-

"Diana's keen sense of connecting with an animal's deep inner knowing results in educating her readers with humor, compassion, and truth."


  Michael Bernard Beckwith,   

  author of Life Visioning

ALSO AVAILABLE in 60-Page ebook

"Poetic, touching and illustrated with evocative line drawings, this book is a delight."

 Animal Wellness Magazine                    

Psychic Communication With Animals-Essential Handbook

Learn the basics in this little 32-Page ebook, free when you subscribe to my mailing list.

Coming Soon

The Grief Deck, 42 Cards and 60-page guidebook

Healing To Happiness card samples and text

And a book enlightening messages from animals nearing transition and in the afterlife, and an accompaniment
to the card deck 

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