What is dowsing?  Known as Radiesthesia, dowsing is a method of tracking vibration and finding hidden things, missing people and animals. Used for centuries, dowsers would use tools, such as rods, held in their hands, to search for groundwater, buried gold or oil. Dowsing is used for archaeological excavations, detecting geopathic stress zones, to determine proper doses of medicine or herbs, and to find missing animals and people. Its uses are endless. 

What is my dowsing method?

I use a pendulum to determine which direction and what distance away from wherever the animal went missing. I don't dowse maps (pinpoint streets and homes). I provide a general area and share any images that arise that may describe the location to help you focus on an area to post your signs and talk to people. Dowsing does not include communication with the animal. I will not be asking questions to determine why the animal left, if the animal wants to return, if the animal can hear you calling, etc. The dowsing session, instead, focuses on location only.


What can I expect from a dowsing session?

Sometimes dowsing is all you need to locate a missing animal. Clients have found their animals (usually those missing for a short time) ten minutes after dowsing. However, animals who have gone missing for six months have also been located with dowsing. I find results can sometimes be more immediate for cats who usually don't roam far from home as dogs do.


Although I have dowsed maps, my accuracy is more consistent with my general method of dowsing. Map dowsing, however, can be more specific and narrow your search even more. But even a professional map dowser cannot guarantee results. Some animals are never found. And some animals might be right where we point them to be, but are hiding and refuse to come out. As is the nature of this work, there are never guarantees.