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The Spirit Wisdom Animal Retreat
Individual Sessions or Full Retreat

Each morning, we call in a Spirit Animal from the six directions and listen to a talk about the Spirit Animal. These cards are designed to help you navigate from a higher vibration and presence during the day. The readings help you to reflect on the thoughts you might be unconsciously thinking and help you to shift your mind to bring about the results you want to see in your life, or to help you simply gain more clarity into a situation.  All of us need reminders as we can easily become unconsciously negative or trapped in obsessive or self-defeating patterns.
Morning sessions are great for resetting your mind, carrying the wisdom throughout your interactions during the day, and putting the lesson into practical application, that is to notice your thinking and change it around.   

After the reading, we'll do the corresponding Kundalini pranayama (breath and mudra practice). Kundalini is a powerful practice that quickly removes negativity, blocks, and habitual patterns. They change the brain patterns and increase your awareness, energy, and moods.

You'll also learn about the Mesa, or traveling altar in the Peruvian Shaman tradition. We'll call in the Spirit Animal from one of the Six Directions. During the day or week, you'll search for a stone that resembles the animal. The stone can be used as a visual reminder of your Spirit Animal or can be stored in your Mesa. Instructions on how to assemble and use the Mesa are in a video in Session Two of the series. 






Listen to an Evening Spirit Animal reading that corresponds with one of the eight chakras.
We look at the emotional and physical meanings of the chakra, the effects of alignments and misalignments, and the stone associated with the chakra.  You'll practice gentle Kundalini exercises to stimulate the chakra, and end with a reclined relaxation while listening to a recorded specific chakra meditation—a perfect way to drift into a good night’s sleep and wake up happier.

  • Take single session or take a morning and evening practice together for $9 more.

  • Deepen your practice and take the entire retreat for more savings.





Watch the FREE preview of the session contents

  •  Download the Illustrated Program Guide, The Kundalini Kriya Handbook, and The Chakra Stone Meditations booklets FREE.


Fourteen Class Practice Videos;

7 mornings and 7 evenings

Three Bonus Videos; 

  • The Mesa

  • Closing Sacred Space

  • Final Chakra Balance and Finding Your Personal Power Animal


Four ebook Handbooks:

  •   The Kundalini Yoga Kriya Handbook

  •   The Chakra Stone Meditation Handbook

  •   An Illustrated Program Summary Guide

  •   The Weekly Journal Practice Workbook

  •   The Mesa or Medicine Bundle Handbook

    Seven Pdf Instructional Handouts

  • The Fox Awareness Walk

  •   The Owl Eyes Awareness Walk

  •   Illustrated Mesa Handbook

  •   Walking Meditation

  •   Meditation on Forgiveness

  •   The Practice of the Presence

  •   Prayer For Closing Sacred Space



  Meditations for the:

  • 1st Chakra, Tortoise, Root Chakra

  •   2nd Chakra, Seal, Sacral Center

  •   3rd Chakra, Horse and Lion, Solar Plexus, and Navel Centers

  •   4th Chakra, Cow, Heart Center

  •   5th Chakra, Whale, Throat Center

  •   6th Chakra, Puma, Third Eye Center

  •   7th Chakra, Eagle, Crown Center

  •   8th Chakra, Peacock, Auric Center

  •   The Practice of Equanimity

  •   Recognizing All Beings As Our Mothers


Allow one week to practice the wisdom before starting another session. Changing a negative habit or thinking takes continual practice, intention, and effort. Writing in the complimentary journal will help to track your progress and notice your mind when you fall off track. In addition, there are many supplemental handouts, recordings, meditations, and journal prompts to further you along.  

*Sign in for free to watch the free welcome video and to download your free handbooks.

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Single: $27

Morning and Evening Videos: $36

Full Retreat: $150


To view the sessions, CLICK Animal Sessions BELOW

All Videos are recorded, not live, so you can take at your own pace at your convenience.


The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle with Kundalini Yoga Meditations

What's Included


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