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Welcome to the workhsop!

Download the ebook
We'll review the material on Friday night

Directions to the workshop


432 South Occidental Blvd. Apt 4

Los Angeles, CA 90057

213 361-5623

At the door dial my number on the keypad or text me.

I'm located in Korea Town on Occidental Blvd,

between 3rd Street and 6th Street,

(closest to 6th with Starbucks on the corner).

Two main crossroads are Virgil to the West

and Rampart to the East.

Click the map below to see me on the map.

If the link doesn't work, go to the Google website

and type in my address

Screen Shot 2024-03-03 at 3.46.27 PM.png

The building is yellow and maroon, Tibetan Buddhist robe colors


What you need to know


1)   Parking is CHALLENGING.

You may have to sit in your car for 15 minutes for someone to leave.




to be sure to get a parking space in time. 

The workshop will begin promptly at 9:30 am

because there is an enormous amount of information to plow through.

You can look for parking all along the street

and around the corner on Hoover


and I'll be sending a group email for you to contact one another,

or you can reach out to the animal communication

Facebook group page

Animal Communication Practice and Support

to arrange carpool options.

2)   This is a downtown LA environment. It's safe to walk, but be aware. People and high school kids walk their dogs (safe street), but there are also homeless people living here and on rare occasions, druggies. 

Why is the workshop on two Saturdays?

Because parking on Sunday is impossible, with two busy churches across the street. A Wednesday evening check-in is scheduled to keep our energy and focus up.

What to bring

1. Photos of your animals to swap with partners

2. A small personal item; an earring or piece of jewelry, or a car key will do, a small jewelry box, or anything that can be held in the hand and belongs to you.

3. Your lunch.

As said, it's not advised to leave once you've found a parking space! There's a Starbucks 50' away, and Target a block away on Hoover.

I will host bottled water, tea, coffee, matcha, fruit, nuts, and snacks. 

4. I don't have plush, comfy sofas. I have minimum furniture and have pillows for backs. There is enough seating, but if you want you can bring a pillow.

5. A yoga mat or blanket for 2nd Saturday, April 11th class, for the final closing exercise.


I am vegan and will ask that your lunches be vegan (or vegetarian) in honor of the animals.

If you do have meat, you're welcome to eat it outside in the courtyard.

THANK YOU for your consideration

What NOT to bring

Please leave your animals at home.

No exceptions.

It's distracting, I have two cats who need to feel comfortable in their home, and there will be two dogs visiting for practice.


if you need to take your animal with you, then please do not sign up for the workshop.

Please email me with any questions. Thank you for signing up. It's going to be an awesome workshop!




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