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Welcome to the workhsop!

Thank you for signing up!

Download the ebook
We'll review the material on Friday night, August 16


You'll email your animal photos to an assigned partner or partners.
I'll contact each one of you to pair you up.

Please choose your best shots:

1.  No other animals or people in the photo.

2.  No cute clothing or hats. Only their gorgeous faces.

3.  Photos must be in focus (high res are best).

4.  BEST photos are with the animal looking directly into the camera.
The eyes are the windows to the soul and impart much information.

5.  Please print them out for the workshop so you can hold them  
during the communication.

If you don't have animals, no worries. I will send you mine.

Your .pdf supplemental handouts will be emailed to you before the workshop.

download copy 2_edited_edited.jpg
download copy 2_edited_edited.png

See You Soon!

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